Phil Anselmo Is Off Hard Drugs For 8 Years Now

Down frontman opens up about his addictions and staying sober for almost a decade.

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Former Pantera and current Down frontman Phil Anselmo has got through some pretty rough patches in his life. Drug addiction, chronic pain that comes with it and death of Dimebag Darrell have struck the singer hard, but it seems that lately he's been getting back on his feet again. In an interview with the New York Hard Rock Examiner, the vocalist said it's been 8 years now since he's got off hard drugs and that the feeling is good. He also added that the Down song "Nothing In Return" is about those very same personal battles.

"I was coming off some really tough years in my life. I went through the death of my guitar player, I went through Hurricane Katrina, and then I guess one of the biggest personal wars, besides Dimebag dying, was drug addiction. And chronic pain. Which really goes hand in hand, if you know anybody that suffers from chronic pain and whatnot." Anselmo has also admitted that being on drugs has made him feel "broken up inside, injured and vulnerable" and say things he had no right saying. "At that point I had come clean, and now it's 2013 and it's been 8 years for me off hard drugs, so that's a great feeling. But 'Nothing In Return' is about basically what you give, you're gonna give back. And I have been the motherf--ker on stage, out of my mind drunk, on drugs, broken up inside, injured, feeling very vulnerable, and for me that's an uncomfortable feeling. And I've said things over the microphone to thousands of people that I had no business f--king saying." "Badmouthing other bands, badmouthing this, that, the other thing. And just coming off as a negative person, which I'm not at all. I'm very much a positive person, so when I came clean I recognized all this, and there were some friends of mine that were still struggling at the time, and I kept really begging them, 'Take the step. All you have to do is trust me, listen to me, we'll get you off drugs, and all the bad anxiety that comes with it, the sickness that comes with detoxing and all that sh-t, it goes away. You can have your f--king life back man, y'know?' "Basically that's my message right there. You can have your f--king life back. Unfortunately, you can talk a blue streak, and talk is cheap when it comes to... once you've conquered something and you're trying to tell someone else about it, they're going through the tough time, it's like talking to the brick wall. They're not hearing you really. And such is the case a lot of times, and really that's what the song's about. Failing, kinda. In my mission to straighten some people up. Because you cant win every time. You cant win every time." Phil seems like he's really made some drastic changes in his life. With all the things he's been through, we can say Anselmo is coming out as a winner in this one, right? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Phil Anselmo's Guide to Quitting Hard Drugs: 1. Smoke more pot.
    Good for him, that's a huge accomplishment for anyone to go through. To me, he sounds like a real dude, just looking out for his friends now that he's in a state to do so.
    Phil Anselmo is a true legend, to go from a heavy drug addict to a stable man is one hella of a process.
    Great to hear! Phil is one of the best metal frontmen ever in my opinion. There have been so many imitators but he's the real deal. Drug and alcohol addiction is so much more devastating than anyone can imagine unless they've gone through it. I hope he stays clean and keeps making amazing music!
    I resented Phil for a LONG time! It all started when I saw Pantera on the Steel tour and he treated the crowd like absolute ****!!! I am SOOOOO glad to see the Phil Anselmo I once revered, back in action! Welcome back Phil!
    fire de toi Phil,tu es un bon homme avec une grosse personnalit. un des meilleur chanteur de METAL. bon courage et bonne continuation.
    hell yeah man!!! congrats! just don't let the beast get you again.. new music from down is great! music and.....pot is the best drugs!
    Sorry Phil, but I prefer my rockstars to be drug addicts.
    Exactly, It's just odd hearing Leftover Crack/Star Fucking Hipsters/Choking Victim play "Crack Rock Steady" knowing they don't actually smoke crack anymore.
    That has to be one of the most innapropriate and stupid things i've ever heard, @5_Years_Dead
    whats the matter with you kids of today? they dont drink or do drugs or have sex! theyre always doing what their parents ask ughh this is ridiculous, PUT THE TESTOSTERONE BACK IN ROCK N ROLL PLEASE!
    Is it??? 8 years, without a single drop of booze? I'm in a deep dilemma. O.O