Phil Anselmo on His Feud With Vinnie Paul: 'It's Time for Some Peace'

Current Down singer discusses his rift with former Pantera drummer and the possibility of the band's reunion.

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In a recent interview with Wikimetal, Down frontman Phil Anselmo discussed his ongoing feud with drummer Vinnie Paul and chances of metal giants Pantera ever getting back together. The vocalist admitted discussing such an option with Zakk Wylde, adding that they both agreed on Vinnie Paul holding the reunion back the most.

"Honestly - and I've spoken with Zakk about it as well - we're very aware of the public perception out there, but honestly, until I speak with Vinnie Paul, which has not yet happened, and it doesn't look like it's going to happen, nothing can happen. Honestly, I tell you, my phone is on the hook, my e-mail is wide open, my door is wide open. I would love to talk with Vince."

According to Anselmo, talking with Vinnie Paul would "mean the world" to him and the time they both sat down and discussed their issues is long overdue. In his words, it's time for some peace and brotherhood.

"Honestly, if there were no more bad feelings and we could talk, and we could come to an understanding, I think it would mean not only a lot for me and myself - it would mean the world to me - but it would mean a great deal to the fans out there as well. I think people don't want to see this arguing anymore. It's time for some peace. It's time for some brotherhood. And honestly, we should be setting an example instead of being the opposite. And I'll just say that my door is wide open, and so far, Vinnie's door is closed, and it's a shame."

Its been about 10 years since the two have last spoken which is a long time. Their already bad relationship took a turn for the worse when Paul publicly blamed Anselmo for the death of his brother Dimebag Darrell, saying that some of his comments in the press might have driven the murderer to take a final step and kill Darrell.

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    Phil had nothing to do with motivating the murder, time to bury the hatchet Vinnie. A one-off performance with Zakk on guitar would be fitting closure.
    My Last Words
    I agree with the first point, but please, let Pantera be..
    Absolutely agree. Vinnie is being a bit stubborn about the Phil issue. But as far as "Pantera reunion" goes?...Um, try to remember that Vinnie Paul witnessed, from about 6 feet away, his brother get his fvcking brains blown out. If all vinnie can do is think about playing with his dead brother, when it comes to playing with Pantera, I can totally understand why he would want nothing to do with it. Besides that, I'm sure he loves his Pantera followers, they DID make him what he is today. Besides all that, I personally have no faith or desire in a "Pantera" without Dimebag Darell. I wish I could have more of them but I'm satisfied with the sweet music that they gave us in the 1990s.
    Carl Hungus
    Dude probably has major PTSD as well. The perception from Vinnie is that if Pantera had not broken up they would have been playing in an arena setting where the security would have been significantly better. Basically a mad men would have never been able to get close to the band. Lets not forget that multiple people were murdered that day not just Dime.
    I'm not so sure that he's even gateful for his fans at this point, for exactly the reason you stated; they're the reason that he's where he is today, and that goes for Dimebag as well. If he's harboring such unreasonable feelings towards Anselmo, I can imagine he's not anymore grateful for his fans. I'm sure he would rather still have his brother over his career with Pantera any day.
    I can't imagine him blaming Pantera fans for hat happened. Especially seeing how the fans reacted after the shooting.
    Please, Zakk would just rape every song with pinch squeals.
    link no1
    1) Dime used alot of them anyway. 2) Zakk isn't as obsessive with pinches than everybody says. Jeeze, let this joke die.
    Dime did use quite a few Pinch Harmonics, but he used them in such a way that it ADDED to the song. Zakk uses them ever five seconds because it seems he has no idea what else to use. Now, I'm not saying Zakk is a bad guitarist, not at all. Just that Dime knew to sprinkle in some pinches, not dump the "bucket-o-squeals" on the song.
    I love Zakk but dammit that is a great assessment of his style. Even in that shitty My Darkest Day song you can hear it all over it. Before I was told Zakk was on the guitar on that song I already knew. And I died a little that day.
    @koikomoru: 1) How many Zakk Wylde songs have you heard recently? 2) Neither Zakk nor Dime are/were that great at guitar, and people need to stop acting like they both are masters of the instrument. I like early Ozzy with Zakk as well as Pantera, but neither guitar player is awesome as their respective fans make them out to be.
    And who do u appreciate as master of the guitar?Jimmy Hendrix?Randy Rhodes maybe?Or yourself if your delusional.Just what do u know about guitarists and musicianship enlighten the rest of us or just STFU.
    Agreed. I'm sick and tired of Pantera fanboys glamorising Dime and his playing while it's really just in the EQ and sound department. Any pro-level metal guitarist (and plenty of amateurs) can pull his sound off, it's just an electric guitar! Sure, many can't write as catchy yet heavy riffs but the sound and existing songs are there to be taken to use if someone was to directly "replace" Dime.
    People always use the pinch squeal thing, but how do we know that Zakk wouldn't just straight up play the songs as they are?
    I love zakk, I do. but honestly. im not sure he could play all the pantera songs.
    Pantera songs really aren't that complicated like people make them out to be.
    No, they aren't that complicated. But they never sound right without Dime playing.
    Dime had a certain.."way" about his playing. A certain rhythm, a certain feel, that I have never heard anyone replicate well. It's what made him such an amazing guitarist.
    The only guy i've ever seen come close was the guy playing Dime's role in a Pantera tribute called 101% Pantera a few years back. Not sure if they're still around but they were damn good, even had endorsement deals from Dean (And were the only Pantera tribute on the world to have that).
    ...nobody can really put the perfect shaping on the piece the same way the composer can.... they did write the pieces afterall...
    While Zakk never strays away from his style of playing, you'll find snippets all around YouTube showing he can just about do anything.
    Errrr didn't Phil completely ignore the rest of the band when they kept phoning him about recording a new album? Yeah he didn't actually shoot Dimebag, but Phil being a dick to his bandmates didn't help either : P His door is wide open now, is sure as hell wasn't back then.
    Emenius Sleepus
    Sure, it didn't. but if he's genuine about what he says, to me it says that he's grown and learnt from the lessons that were dealt to him. This was a long time ago - maybe not long enough for Vinnie Paul but Phil is certainly showing far more maturity than he did, so I'd give the guy a chance. Don't see the point in resurrecting Pantera though; they're one of those bands that wouldn't be a proper entity without the original members, and since that's impossible, let the band rest. On the other hand, I probably wouldn't be opposed to the remaining members making some music under a different name -
    Oh yeah people change, he sounds genuine in the interviews I've read but don't I know him personally : ) Phil has been in the band 'Down' since the 90s, slower paced and different style to Pantera, Rex is the bassist in that band too (or was until recently) and Vinnie is in 2 other bands I think at the moment. I would love to see Pantera live but I agree it won't happen and people probably wouldn't get the same atmosphere without Dimebag.
    i agree that forgiveness is overdue here, but it's no one but Vinnie's choice as to when and if that ever happens.. As far as Phil's comments and actions not having a factor in motivating nathan gales warped mind to do what he did, how do you know that? I am sure phil would give anything to change the course of events so that dime would not have ended up playing that venue that night, but even if he could there is absolutely no way he could have known something like that was to happen hell it could have happened if it was a pantera show. I'm sure Vinnie knows that and thinks about it I do hope for his sake he someday lets it go though because i would think dime would want him to. If for nothing else to have peace. R.I.P DIME \m/
    I think a reunion for Dimebag's memory would be the best for everyone. No new album or even a tour but just 1 performance is enough. And I couldn't see anyone more fitting than Zakk based on their close ties. Only other that I'd respect is Mark Tremonti because he never got to meet Dime but loved him so much.
    "It's been about 10 years since the two have last spoken which is a long time." And I thought that was a short time UG.
    I just want to see anselmo get back to his Pantera style vocal riffing and phrasing. I know Dime was the man in Pantera, but Anselmo was nasty on vocals.
    Totally! Pantera was special because of Dime's guitar playing, Phil's voice and Vinnie's drums (Rex was a decent enough bass player). They all had a part in making Pantera an unforgettable band that made music that really affected people.
    Yeah I didn't mean to downplay Rex, he's an excellent bass player, I just meant that compared to the other 3 band members his contributions to the overall sound of Pantera was a little less... still important but not as much as the others - Only because of the style of music that they played and just how exceptional Dime, Phil and Vinnie were.
    Obviously it's a matter of opinion, but I'd say Rex's contribution is just as important. His bass playing has actually been a significant influence on my own.
    You ever hear any style of heavy metal band without the bass? It sounds...flaccid. The bass is the foundation to good metal.
    Second Rate
    ehh, unless you're talking about some kind of technical metal or metal fusion..... not really. In most metal genres the bass is so buried that it may as well be non existent.
    in this case, check out superjoint ritual or anselmo's new solo stuff.
    I have heard both. Neither do i hear the phrasing anselmo used in pantera. He shows hints, but not in the same.