Phil Anselmo on Leaving High School: 'I Was Doing Five Gigs a Week, I Did My Homework on Stage'

artist: Phil Anselmo date: 09/27/2013 category: music news

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Phil Anselmo on Leaving High School: 'I Was Doing Five Gigs a Week, I Did My Homework on Stage'
Legendary Phil Anselmo recently opened up about a fairly uncommon question in his interviews - high school. The singer showed seemingly no regret for dropping out, stressing that "he did his homework on stage."

Anselmo described his younger self to Loudwire as an "angry insolent child," also discussing his school days in great detail. He remembered quitting in twelfth grade with only four credits left - two PEs, mythology and geometry.

"Reasoning for quitting is this - I was doing five nights a week, five sets, three sets a night - mandatory," Phil explained. "Gigs, doing shows, constantly. I had no time for this sh-t called PE or finishing high school or my first girlfriend being the prom queen that year.

"F--k off, I had to do a gig that night and she ended up going with some other dude and went out with him for half a month before she came screaming back to my beautiful face,"

the singer jokingly said.

"I was doing a lot of gigs then, a lot of gigs man," he concluded. "But that's what I tell people - I did my homework on stage and it paid off."

The chat itself was based around trivia found on Anselmo's Wikipedia page, so you can also check out the frontman talking about nearly burning his parents' house to the ground, the Pantera days and more in the clip below.

Anselmo released his debut solo record "Walk Through Exits Only" back in July through Housecore Records.

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