Phil Anselmo: 'Pantera Is a Very Complex Business Right Now'

Singer talks about relations between surviving band members.

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Phil Anselmo has been speculating to Natalie Perez (via Blabbermouth) what it would be like if Pantera were to reunite for a one-off gig. When posited the question, Anselmo had the following to say:

"Well, see, that's a complex question because, first of all, Dimebag is not alive anymore, and that fact is a gigantic thing. And really, there would have to be a lot of sitting down and going over a lot of very important elements between myself and the other members of Pantera - choosing a guitar player [to play the gig] and whatnot.

"It's a completely hypothetical situation, really, [but] I guess, a knee-jerk reaction, or answer, to that question would be, why not where it all started? Why not play where everything began, really, which is Dallas, Texas. I don't see why any other city would make much sense. But still, once again, it's not fair to the East Coast or the West Coast, [because] Pantera fans are everywhere. So that's a tough question for me to answer. But I guess ... Hypothetically, I'd say Dallas, Texas."

Anselmo has also been speaking to Rolling Stone about how the Pantera catalogue is being handled and whether we can expect more live DVDs:

"Pantera is a very complex business right now. Vinnie Paul, the drummer, doesn't communicate at all with me or Rex [Brown, bassist]. We are mediated by what's left of our management Kimberly Zide Davis and she is a fantastic mediator between the three of us. And lord knows, she has to be, because Pantera hasn't been together since 2001, but it's still a thriving business. We sell T-shirts, we sell merchandise, and it still sells. And people buy the re-releases. So there has to be some form of business etiquette that we go by and business relationship that we have to agree upon.

For me, if Vince and Rex are happy with what's going on, then I'm not going to argue much, because honestly, I don't have the time or the room in my heart left to argue with those guys. I want things to run as smoothly as possible. I think it's being handled pretty fucking well. I don't really have many arguments or much more to say about it."

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    Here's an etiquette for you; Get Vinnie to take the drumstick out of his ass and at least be civil. I'd love to see them perform, even if Dimebag is dead. One-off gig, in his honor, play the tunes and hang it up.
    I just wish that Vinnie would be civil, I don't even care about performing. Blaming Phil for what happened is so childish, it's just how it happened. Sure we can say things like "Oh if Phil didn't do that, they wouldn't be there" but that's just going to in depth when only one person did something, and they would have found a way to do it another time even if it wasn't in a club. He just needs to let some of that hate go and accept it, move on.
    Vinnie should be civil? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Phil the junkie killed Pantera, he may not be directly responsible for Dime, but he definately killed Pantera. Fuck Phil, if it wasnt for Dime no one would know who Phil is
    I expect an article tomorrow about Slash commenting on the possibility of a GNR reunion.
    Just gonna point out most people don't lose their brother that's not from old age so you can't comtomplate on how Vinnie feels, seeing your own brother shot in front of you is going to cause long term damage trust me, it isn't a normal occurance and this article crops up every few weeks which is kinda boring, until something different happens stop calling it news UG Phil wasn't the direct cause of Darrell being shot but being an arsehole not picking up the phone from the other Pantera members at the time wasn't cool, Damageplan was formed because Phil wouldn't even bother to respond and Dime + Vinnie wanted to record more music. Dime is gone and he cannot be replaced, a 1 off gig with different close friends of the band playing Darrell's guitar parts might be appropiate but it's up to the band.
    I can't tell whether all these posts about Pantera and a possible reunion are desperately trying to get our hopes up, when the chances are in reality, extremely slim. Vinnie doesn't want to do it, and does not communicate with Phil or Rex, who won't do it without Vinnie (A reunion would make even less sense without either of the Abbott brothers). There was a post a month or two back about Zakk Wylde saying he would fill in for Dimebag for a reunion and I'm sat thinking "Really, UG? You think that because of that, it's going to finally happen?" With that said, I don't think anyone should rule out a reconciliation between Phil + Vinnie, but the ball is in Vinnie's court. It's not like he HAS to reform Pantera in the process...
    I just want the freaking footage from the reinventing the steel tour to be released, gimme a 4! i couldn't be bothered tossing semantics over the relationships of people i don't know (personally) and playing fantasy metal bands on forums, I saw them live and they kicked ass!
    Amazing how he feels no responsibility for anything. But then again, most junkies are like that.
    Carl Hungus
    Its funny how outsiders (posters on this article) are commenting as if they have a clue about the bad blood that was built up between Phil and Vinnie. People seem to forget that he witnessed the murder of his brother and others involved in Damage Plan and that if Pantera had been active at the time the venue and security situation would have been completely different.