Phil Anselmo: 'Pantera Is a Very Complex Business Right Now'

artist: Pantera date: 07/18/2013 category: music news
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Phil Anselmo: 'Pantera Is a Very Complex Business Right Now'
Phil Anselmo has been speculating to Natalie Perez (via Blabbermouth) what it would be like if Pantera were to reunite for a one-off gig. When posited the question, Anselmo had the following to say: "Well, see, that's a complex question because, first of all, Dimebag is not alive anymore, and that fact is a gigantic thing. And really, there would have to be a lot of sitting down and going over a lot of very important elements between myself and the other members of Pantera - choosing a guitar player [to play the gig] and whatnot. "It's a completely hypothetical situation, really, [but] I guess, a knee-jerk reaction, or answer, to that question would be, why not where it all started? Why not play where everything began, really, which is Dallas, Texas. I don't see why any other city would make much sense. But still, once again, it's not fair to the East Coast or the West Coast, [because] Pantera fans are everywhere. So that's a tough question for me to answer. But I guess ... Hypothetically, I'd say Dallas, Texas." Anselmo has also been speaking to Rolling Stone about how the Pantera catalogue is being handled and whether we can expect more live DVDs: "Pantera is a very complex business right now. Vinnie Paul, the drummer, doesn't communicate at all with me or Rex [Brown, bassist]. We are mediated by what's left of our management Kimberly Zide Davis and she is a fantastic mediator between the three of us. And lord knows, she has to be, because Pantera hasn't been together since 2001, but it's still a thriving business. We sell T-shirts, we sell merchandise, and it still sells. And people buy the re-releases. So there has to be some form of business etiquette that we go by and business relationship that we have to agree upon. For me, if Vince and Rex are happy with what's going on, then I'm not going to argue much, because honestly, I don't have the time or the room in my heart left to argue with those guys. I want things to run as smoothly as possible. I think it's being handled pretty fucking well. I don't really have many arguments or much more to say about it."
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