Phil Anselmo Performs Pantera Classic With Black Label Society

Watch the legends bringing you some serious rock stuff.

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Fans wondering what a Pantera reunion featuring Zakk Wylde would sound like were given a tantalizing glimpse at a Black Label Society show on May 10. The audience of the band's show at Best Buy Theater in New York was treated to an unexpected rendition of the Pantera classic "I'm Broken," featuring none other than Phil Anselmo on vocals. Check it out below.

Zakk Wylde has often been mooted as a replacement for Dimebag Darrell, the Pantera guitarist who was killed in 2004. Speaking to Artisan News (via Blabbermouth) in 2013, Wylde stated that he would be up for filling in for his departed friend:

"It'd be up to [former Pantera members] Vinnie [Paul Abbott, drums], Phil and Rex [Brown, bass] - they're the guys that make everything happen," he said. "So if they were all gonna do it and honor Dimebag and [if they said to me], 'Zakk, would you wanna honor Dime and do Dime's parts?'

"Of course, I was a pallbearer for him - I laid him to rest - so, of course, I'd say, it would be a beautiful way to honor him and stuff like that. And to celebrate all things Pantera and what they achieved. 'Cause they changed the game, as far as extreme metal goes. I mean, they're the kings of it. But it's up to the fellows. Then it would just be me woodsheddin' 25-8, learning all of Dime's parts, you know what I mean?! Yeah, but like I said, as far as I'm concerned, it would just be honoring Dime. Like with the Yankees, you honor ... everybody's wearing Thurman Munson's '15' for that day, just because we're honoring Thurman's greatness. So it's the same thing, man."

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    Reunion - hell no. Tribute tour - more than welcome. Zakk's playing is entirely different, that's for sure but I actually enjoyed how he played it, guitar solo in particular. It didn't stray too far from the original and you could easily feel Zakk's vibe in it. Solid performance, great tribute. Re-spect.
    Zakk did a great job, great sound! But Phil... not so good. It's not about a reunion of Pantera. They should just do a tribute for Dime, even without Vince. If he won't ever do it, then fuk him. At least there's always Rex available!
    Half of Dimes tone came from his hands, As much of a Zakk fan as I am, he's one of only a handful of guitarists that would do Dime justice (IMO), but at the end of the day he wont and never will sound like Dime.
    Fun tribute.. Phil sounds great. The absence of the lock-tight Pantera rhythm is glaring.
    "Phil sounds great." Uh... kindly direct me to the video you watched--I didn't find it here.
    Well, you can always count on Zakk to have an awesome sound, even if Phil's vocals weren't perfect here. I've seen BLS a couple times and every time he strikes that first chord of the night it rumbles right through your body. Monstrous tone.
    They did this a couple of nights before in Worcester, MA and the reaction was really positive. Vinnie needs to put his childish grudge against Phil behind him and do this for the fans. I only got to see Pantera live a couple of times ('94 and '97) but I'd love to see them again with Zakk. It would be great for fans who never got to see them at all.
    Yeah but a huge part of the show was watching Dime onstage. He'd be hammered out of his mind, stomping around the stage and you could just tell the dude was having the time of his life. He gave off a certain vibe and, to me, that was a huge part of their shows.
    Well even with Dime's rig, it wouldn't be the same. I've heard other guitarists would play through his live setup and it sounded like absolute sh*t. But the minute Dime would start playing it all fell together somehow.
    exactly, I have EVH's rig, 5150 III and a Wolfgang USA model. still sounds like me....unfortunately....
    I've got a Randall RG100 with the metal zone for a boost, just like Kirk Windstein's Crowbar setup. Still doesn't sound like his tone at all.
    It just won't work. Zakk is great and all, but no one can play like Dime did, and Pantera without Dime's play style wouldn't be Pantera at all.
    The performance was ok and all, but I just hope this isn't gonna kickstand a "reunion" with Zakk on guitar.
    stand strong Vinnie....u hear how bad he sounds? not worth Dime's honor. NO REUNION with no Dime...
    Do you honestly think that Vinnie is qualified to judge how ANYONE sounds these days? Have you heard Hellyeah?!?! He's in that band... on PURPOSE.