Phil Anselmo: 'This Generation Deserves Pantera Reunion, Let's Do It!'

Singer interested in band reunion featuring Zakk Wylde on guitar.

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Discussing the possibility of a Pantera reunion featuring Zakk Wylde on guitar, singer Phil Anselmo was quite open to the idea, noting that a few records had to be put straight prior to taking any steps.

Chatting with Fanpass, Anselmo commented that first and foremost, "the situation would have to be correct."

Responding to the interviewer's comments that Wylde would be the perfect guy to fill in Dime's spot, Phil agreed, saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. No doubt. We are on tour with f--king Black Label Society right now, and don't ever underestimate the power of conversation between Zakk and I.

"And I know Rex [Brown] is a smart man. But at the end of the day, there would have to be a meeting at a table - or without a table - between Rex, Vince [Paul] and I, and there would have to be a big-time understanding between the two of us before anything happens at all," the singer pointed out (via Blabbermouth).

Focusing on his feelings about the idea, Phil said, "There is a great percentage of me that says, 'This generation deserves it. Let's do it.' And then there's a reservation in me that says, 'You know what, man? Legacies get passed down. This, that, the other. Maybe we should leave it alone and just let it be part of lore and the history and whatnot.'"

In conclusion, the vocalist added, "If there was ever a proper presentation, like, OK, Pantera is back together, Zakk's on guitar, that would be a massive feeling. That would be outrageous. And I would go to war. I would be in the best shape possible."

In related news, Phil, Zakk and Rex recently got on stage together for a performance of Pantera's "I'm Broken" during a Dallas, Texas concert last Friday (May 23). The crowd's response was as raging as expected, check out the clip below for a part of atmosphere.

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    If Rex, Vinnie, Phil and Zakk get together, all they have to do is call the tour "A tribute to Dime" or something like that instead of "Pantera" and it will be perfect for all the harsh critics because a lot of fans just want to see these guys belt out those tunes for us one more time.
    Exactly. The point is playing those kickass old tunes again, it's not about a Pantera reunion per se.
    I think a re-union will be a flop. Anselmo used to be ****ing good! He is still a good entertainer, but his physical state is bad. He can't sing, he can't scream but he still knows how to throw a party. That's just not enough for a pantera show!
    Lol, then you never saw Pantera live in the good old days. He never took it seriously, it was always a party. But the best damn party you ever went to! RIP Dime but bring it on!
    I know they never took it seriously. But they performed with high quality. Phil surely still has his attitude - my point is that his voice is far from good enough to perfom a pantera show. He should leave it as it is, and not make it an embarrassment to himself.
    Yeah it's amazing just how much Phil's voice has gone to shit the last few years. I mean just listen to Shattered, where at some points he straight up sounds like Rob Halford
    And realize that the same guy is singing this
    I know that years of alcohol and smoking will fuk up anyone's voice, but still
    umm, down is a sludge metal, band Phil has always sung low with them, listen to NOLA which came out when pantera was still active, he's never done his "cemetery gates" type high scream in Down.
    Eh, I saw Down this year. His voice was ****ing amazing, I'd definitely agree with you a couple years ago but now it seems to be back.
    I love Pantera forever but honestly.. I think some things are better left alone. Pantera has legendary legacy and it should be left like that.
    Not to mention they wouldn't be able to do anything new, Zach's great but he still doesn't have the perspective or writing style of Dime, he's a way different dude.
    This is stupid debating. Everyone here would like to see them play. Nobody's talking an album or anything to tamper with their legacy, just a show where zakk would play guitar. Just ****ing get behind it already, if there is support from fans it could maybe help the odds.
    I dont know, I doubt I'd like it. Sure, it'd be awesome, but Anselmo haven't got that voice any longer. At the end of the day, it'd be a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I love Anselmo, his voice is awesome, but I don't think he sounds Pantera-songs good any longer.
    I agree. I don't like the idea. It sucks I never got to see Pantera. I did atleast get to see damageplan.
    Pantera is one of my all time favorite bands. I seen them live 8 times, with the first being my introduction to them on the Skid Row tour. It was their first large tour. It blew me away. I love Pantera! With that being said. I do not think I would go see them without Dime. He was a fore to be reckoned with. I seen Hell Yeah when they were touring with Clutch, and after seeing Pantera 8 times live, it just felt weird "To Me" seeing Vinnie without Dime being up there and I think I would have the same feeling of seeing Pantera without Dime being on the stage...It just not would be the same vibe without Dime. R.I.P.Dime....
    Leave Pantera alone...! *cries*
    For 5 minutes...
    ...alone. See what I did there? On topic, if anything just do a few one off shoes but please don't call it Pantera.
    Why was this downvoted? I laughed.
    Was probably downvoted because it was just awkwardly pointing out the joke that was already made. Like when someone points out the punchline after everyone else is already laughing and everybody looks at him like, "ummm yeah... that was the joke. It was funny".
    Like the_bi99man said, here's what you ended up with: Leave Pantera alone...For 5 minutes...alone. Yeah, redundant. Joke was already made.
    Nobodies asking for a world tour. Just a few tribute shows. Maybe have guest guitarists on different songs.
    I would welcome this, Vinnie Paul will ditch Hellyeah, join Pantera... Chad Grey will do the same thing and resurrect Mudvayne from hiatus. That way we will have to awesome bands back on track !!!
    Just gather Phil, Rex, Zakk and a kickass drummer, if Vince doesn't want to do it. And of course DON'T call it Pantera. It'd be awesome.
    I can die to see this reunion ... I swear to god... I can ****ing die.... Yes our generation wants to witness the power of pantera...
    The jazz Man
    That's just it, us younger guys who have taken to Pantera later on or who missed the chance to see them because we were to young at the time want a chance to see them live AND respect the loss of Dime.. Plus being a huge Zakk Wylde fan, it's something if really like to see..
    I'm sick of hearing Phil mention this, stop trying to beat the dead horse man. He mustn't have much material for down or something because I feel like I'm reading this article every two weeks. Leave it alone!!!!!
    Regarding Phil's physical status: When you quit heroin--especially while approaching middle age--you gain weight. Period
    Unless you have some way of bringing dimebag back to they all made a band and played under a different name as a tribute that'd be cool
    Ugh. Zakk is NOT the replacement for Dime here. He doesn't have any of the feel or charismatic qualities that Dime had in his playing. I know he's close with the guys, but he'll butcher those songs.
    It's been said thousands of times; but this band needs Dime to reunite, and obviously that isn't going to happen.
    I expect that this reunion will never come true. Not with an Anselmo with a pathetic state of fitness.
    I'm not really sure whether Zakk could pull of some of Dime's solos.
    Im bit worried that he would do those harmonics all of time like when he plays black sabbath songs with Ozzy.
    Zakk would have no trouble with Dime's solos. He's capable of much more than what you'd see at a BLS or Ozzy show. That just happens to be his style
    The jazz Man
    Exactly.. Everyone thinks of Zakk just being a straight Pentatonic, 6-5-3 fret guy.. That's his style and what he and BLS resonates with.. But he is a beyond competent guitar player.. And a slammin' country player at that.. Either way, he'd do Dime proud at a reunion..
    Zakk could make a song made entirely of pinch harmonics and I'd still love it. It's created a sound that's just him, and makes the last name "Wylde" so fitting. A very hectic style and sound.
    It can't be called a reunion, it needs to be called a tribute, like "Pantera Lives!" or something. Just do it without Vinne, have Charlie Benante on drums and Robb Flynn on second guitar and I'm there.
    Without Vinnie? Dafuq? With Dime being gone, we obviously can't have him, but with neither Abbot brother involved, it simply couldn't happen.
    Why not call it Pantera? There is 75% of what Pantera was... stop sucking Dime's balls that much... it's true he was awesome (more than that) but Zack or any other dude could play his parts or even write some new material! It will give a whole new perspective on how he shaped the band!
    You know what I am one those that just never got a chance to see Pantera live. Yea this generation deserves a Pantera show but I think it all depends on vince though
    Fuck bitching about it let em try and pull it off i can bet they're 10X more fans willing to see them TRY then sit and speculate what could've been and all we do is sit around and think of ourselves maybe phil zakk rex and vinnie wanna show some love for their fallen brother.