Phil Anselmo to Perform Pantera Songs On Tour

artist: Phil Anselmo date: 07/23/2013 category: music news
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Phil Anselmo to Perform Pantera Songs On Tour
It seems Phil Anselmo will bring Pantera back to life by playing some of their songs on his forthcoming solo tour.

He's performed songs by the classic 90s metal band at all-star jam sessions during the Metal Master clinics, but it's the first time he's taken their songs on the road with one of his own projects.

While there's no formal announcement from the singer about taking Pantera tracks on the road, Metal Sucks spotted this rehearsal video of Phil with his solo backing band the Illegals working on the song "Death Rattle" from 2000's "Reinventing the Steel."

Phil's smart enough to know people will pick up on this short clip, so it's very likely to be a subtle way to drum up press for his new tour which commences on July 31 in Tulsa and finished on August 20 in Atlanta.

Watch Phil Anselmo rehearsing "Death Rattle" here:

Here's the original track if you're not familiar:

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