Phil Anselmo: 'Today's Society Isn't for Me, I'm Not a Hipster'

"I don't text, I don't even have a phone!" the singer says.

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Former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo stressed on numerous occasions that he's an old-school kind of a music fan, so it comes as no surprise that the singer isn't coping too well with modern technology.

During a recent Metal Hammer interview, Anselmo discussed crowd inertness, a trend occurring at increasing rate at various rock shows.

"Oh my God!" he started. "The song 'Battalion Of Zero,' when I say, 'Heads up, hands down,' it's about everyone noodling around with those little f--king phones. Dude, it drives me f--king bananas! I don't text, I don't even have a phone! I won't do it! God damn, man, whatever happened to a f--king conversation and looking each other in the face?"

Anselmo continued his rant, "I know I'll have to do it eventually because for work it's crazy important and for people with children, but everybody's tapping on these motherf--king things! You're not gonna remember the f--king stage dive you could have whipped out! It's not the same. There are no real pits in America any more."

The vocalist then focused on today's underground scene, singling out Australian death metal act Portal as the genre's greatest modern representative.

"There's an Australian band right now and what's funny about you asking this is that I never thought I'd be back into death metal like this but there's this band called Portal, and they are the single-handed greatest death metal band today!" he said. "They're just insane compositions of, pardon the terminology, but technical death metal. I don't think a day has gone by in the last year that I haven't listened to Portal."

Anselmo's debut solo effort, "Walk Through Exits Only," dropped on July 16 via Housecore Records featuring a total of eight new tracks.

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    respect, i compleatly agree i went to see roger waters live the other day and even tho he said to not take pictures, or at least turn off the flash, guess how many people ignored him? it was amazing none the less, but the constant phones and cameras, are annoying as ****.
    Gotta agree, but not to Phil's extent of not having a phone. My dumbphone's still pretty capable at calls, texts, emergency photos and surviving falls.
    m4ss3 m/
    He has a good point. I hate seeing my friends going to metal shows and then taking pics and uploading them to Facebook in the middle of the fking show.
    I actually read that as "Australian Death Machine" and thought boy Phil you're loosing it, glad to see that at 1am im the one whos loosing it
    While I do agree with him, I also think most pits are the absolute lamest thing about metal shows. Stop your BS and watch the show!
    Explain how a physical release is a bad thing at a show? Slayer for example, a band I've seen about 3 or 4 times, were boring the times I just sat there and watched. When I jumped into the pit and started running around like an idiot to the music, it was one of the most memorable experiences I have had.
    Does headbanging also constitute BS? Because when you're headbanging you're not exactly watching either.
    Phil is awesome. It really is pretty sad what these fuc*ing phones are turning us into. I'm an old guy who can remember life without them so I can relate to what he's saying.
    I can totally agree. I'm a gen y but I'm not totally reliant on technology at all. I lost my galaxy s a few weeks ago and havent missed it hardly at all. Sure I get a few strange looks walking to school with a portable CD player but I honestly couldnt give less of a f*ck. If we humans have survived 50000 years without them, I'm sure we can last a few hours whilst attending a concert. I never take my phone to shows. You cant hear it ring, no point listening to music and high risk of being stolen.
    I get where he's coming from, I take a couple of pictures, sure, but for one they're on an actual camera. Some people go the whole f*cking show looking through the mobile phone's camera, it's pathetic! Why not put the bloody thing down and watch it in real time HD?!
    I'm a fan of photos at concerts, as long as you're reasonable and considerate. I always try to get my phone up and down as quick as possible for the sake of the people around me. I definitely agreed on the watching the show through the screen bit; it ruins the show for you, and the people around you. Kids these days
    if you find phones annoying, then don't use them. it works for some, and it doesn't work for others. so what. metal works for some, but there are just as many for who it doesn't. there's nothing wrong with being on a phone, nor is there nothing wrong with not. i'm not being spineless, i'm just saying, it's stupid to think that it matters.
    It's disrespectful to the performers they way they're being used at shows.
    pairing countercultures with society paradigms in a meaningful counter-counterculture! go figure...
    I took my stupid friend to a few concerts, and he just gets bored and texts in the middle of the show! Doesn't matter if it's a small club with 20 people standing watching the band right up next to you, or front row of an auditorium. What a ****ing drag.
    OH boy, another Phil Anselmo rant on UG! He may have more than Mustaine now. Guys just need to shut up and make their music.
    Where does he actually say the title quote? I assume it's in the rest of the article.