Phil Anselmo: 'What I Would Say to Vinnie Paul'

Anselmo might have little faith that there will ever be a Pantera reunion, but that doesn't stop him thinking about what he would say to his bitter former drummer Vinnie Paul.

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Phil Anselmo might have little faith that there will ever be a Pantera reunion, but that doesn't stop him thinking about what he would say to his bitter former drummer Vinnie Paul.

Pantera broke up in 2003, and Vinnie's brother Dimebag Darrell was shot on stage at a Damageplan gig one year later. Anselmo and Vinnie weren't on speaking terms even before Dimebag's death, but in a new interview with Loudwire (via Blabbermouth) he's expressed what he would say if the pair could sit face-to-face.

"First and foremost, I'd tell him I love him," said Anselmo. "I would apologize to him for his misinterpretation in not understanding where I was coming from in my lowest point in our career. And then I would definitely touch upon how much lack of communication played a big role in our breaking up. A lot of that is on my back, which I've completely f--kin' owned up to. But I'm not sure the rest of them have owned up to their side of things, especially Vince, when it comes to communication."

Phil says he can't hold on to grudges because they're a waste of time and energy, but he isn't optimistic that Vinnie will ever have a change of heart. "Put it this way: I don't ever expect Vince to bend or break on his stance at all. I really don't."

Phil frequently talks about this topic in interviews, so he's clearly interested in working out a Pantera reunion someday - and not just for himself, but for the fans.

"I think it would mean a whole lot to a whole lot of people if one day Vince and I and Rex could all sit in the same room and work things out to the best of [our] abilities," he said. "I think everyone would breathe a great big sigh of relief, but the sad thing is I just don't see it happening."

How do you think the story of Pantera will end? Is it already over, or will time heal their relationship? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    no one can replace dime... end still hittin the skins like a mother ****er. phil is killing it with his own stuff rex well he was in na jokes rex still doin loads and good shit too. would rather see them sitting at a bar talkin about the good old days than playing a cash cow gig
    I would love to see these guys start talking again. Even if they don't have a reunion show with Zakk, it seems like Phil just wants to get everything off his chest to Vinnie face-to-face instead of an interviewer.
    "I would apologize to him for his misinterpretation" Phil may be getting old, but he's still a child. Dime's dead, and he still can't own up to anything, just says he does. I don't blame Vinnie at all, the last thing Phil did before Dime died, is stir up tonnes of shit with his interviews. Who know's what would have happend if Phil could keep his giant mouth shut, but he's too busy talking about how gifted and always in the right he is. If it was my brother, i'd give the guy the finger too.
    You're a moron and have no clue what your talking about! Philip has moved on... He doesn't dwell on the past. Obviously you don't know these guys! Only what you read and then chose sides.
    and you don't know them either so you have no credibility as well.
    Lmao! I don't know them?? You're kidding right? Go to Facebook tard... Type in Beth Shebeast.... Then get back to me! I've known them since 1988.... I'm married to a musician as well. Get your facts straight before you talk shit!
    Harry Marsh
    They don't really have to do a big reunion show. As awesome as that would be, I think it would be amazing just to see them have a jam session at least and finally be mates again! It ain't about the cash involved cause they have plenty of it. This is about a band who needs to regain some sort of communication.
    "I would apologize to him for his misinterpretation in not understanding where I was coming from in my lowest point in our career." After all these years, Phil is still blaming Vinnie. "His misinterpretation" - sorry Phil, you're a dick and it's time to own up. Stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes.
    Sorry, didn't think the link was working. Best part is his las quote, from 2004. "That's the last time I'm ever you can put this in your article this is the last time I am ever talking about PANTERA."
    I agree with everyone here, that whole 'misinterpretation' comment wasn't exactly thought out too well.. He obviously went through some shit with the whole addiction/back problem combo and maybe he's right in saying that Vince has done nothing to support him there, at least some kind of acknowledgement that as humans we all have flaws, we all say and do stupid sh*t we never thought would hurt others. I guess I'm sticking up for Anselmo here mostly cause I say a lot of things that get misinterpreted by others, so I kinda know where he's coming from, and it must be 100 x worse when the media is transcribing everything you say to pick apart later.
    I just hear Phil making excuses and trying to use media to flip it his way. He hasn't owned up to anything. It's horrible to say, but if he wasn't revived Dime would still be alive. I know who I'd rather have here.
    defo not zakk man...zakk and phil have history too.alot of shit to sort out.. but then again i said sabbath would never get back together.
    I like how he says he'd appologize for vinnie misinterpreting things. What a bell-end.
    If they did 'reunite' I'd be front row centre throwing potatoes at Phil and Rex. Nothing but dogs those two.
    I didn't bother reading the article just because I am sick of this guy talking about pantera. pantera died before dime died, LET IT GO!!!!! id love to see pantera but it wouldn't really be pantera. just let the dead stay dead.
    A zombified Pantera would be pretty f*cking sweet though.
    Well they're both playing at Heavy MTL this summer but they playing on separate nights. Wonder if they will meet up.
    Awww, I'm picturing Phil sitting on a park bench by himself feeding pigeons and contemplating his life.
    I never really understood these types of grudges between musicians. Can someone explain to me why they wont talk in the first place?
    As musician's get bigger, in alot of cases so does their ego. They start to buy in to there own Hype. In Phil's case he think's he's king shit and can do no wrong. When Pantera broke up, Phil bad mouthed Dimebag and tried to put it on him. Actually, just read this, and you can understand why Vinnie can't stand Phil.
    Again? Really? Talking out your ass about a subject you have no clue about? I guess continue... You are making yourself look like an idiot!
    That is a legitimate question: Why do bands fight? Why do they break up? Why do many bands have such hard feelings among members, which often result in public disputes? There are many reasons why people argue, but a band is a family--a very close family without the blood relations (in most cases). Band members spend a lot of time together. Musicians like other artists have fragile egos, and are very picky about their craft. Music can be extremely personal. I mean, dude, I might see you cuss some guy out and say nothing; but if you diss my favorite bands I will get ticked off! Another thing: Media, be it TV, magazines and this thing called the internet seem to fuel off of drama...just like the people who use media! Celebrities are also people with big egos, fragile egos too. All of the stuff I mentioned is not directed toward any specific person or group...just bands/people in general. Musicians fight for the same reasons we all do.
    Pantera are finished. Vinnie and their management has made it very clear. "Without Dime, there is no Pantera." I don't recall any of the things that either Dime or Vinnie saying damaging any of what little reputation or credibility Anselmo had left. Vinnie and Dime were never the type of people who spoke ill of anyone for any reason. He (Anselmo) was the one who sparked a lot of sh*t with his stupid words. Dime tried to reach out to the dude, only to have his hand slapped away. Now, Dime is dead and there's no going back. Really sad for Vinnie, but, he'll hold to his view about this guy. I'd like to read Rex's book and see his point of view, too.