Phil Anselmo: 'What I Would Say to Vinnie Paul'

artist: Phil Anselmo date: 05/02/2013 category: music news
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Phil Anselmo: 'What I Would Say to Vinnie Paul'
Phil Anselmo might have little faith that there will ever be a Pantera reunion, but that doesn't stop him thinking about what he would say to his bitter former drummer Vinnie Paul. Pantera broke up in 2003, and Vinnie's brother Dimebag Darrell was shot on stage at a Damageplan gig one year later. Anselmo and Vinnie weren't on speaking terms even before Dimebag's death, but in a new interview with Loudwire (via Blabbermouth) he's expressed what he would say if the pair could sit face-to-face. "First and foremost, I'd tell him I love him," said Anselmo. "I would apologize to him for his misinterpretation in not understanding where I was coming from in my lowest point in our career. And then I would definitely touch upon how much lack of communication played a big role in our breaking up. A lot of that is on my back, which I've completely f--kin' owned up to. But I'm not sure the rest of them have owned up to their side of things, especially Vince, when it comes to communication." Phil says he can't hold on to grudges because they're a waste of time and energy, but he isn't optimistic that Vinnie will ever have a change of heart. "Put it this way: I don't ever expect Vince to bend or break on his stance at all. I really don't." Phil frequently talks about this topic in interviews, so he's clearly interested in working out a Pantera reunion someday - and not just for himself, but for the fans. "I think it would mean a whole lot to a whole lot of people if one day Vince and I and Rex could all sit in the same room and work things out to the best of [our] abilities," he said. "I think everyone would breathe a great big sigh of relief, but the sad thing is I just don't see it happening." How do you think the story of Pantera will end? Is it already over, or will time heal their relationship? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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