Phil Anselmo's Isolated 'Walk' Vocal Track Surfaces

Master Phil at work. Re-spect!

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Phil Anselmo recently made headlines with the isolated vocal track of Pantera's classic track "Walk."

Although the clip was uploaded over a year ago, it still perfectly demonstrates the vocal prowess of Uncle Phil during his prime.

It also brings up the matter of "Autotune sucks" point producer Glenn Fricker recently made in one of his hilarious videos, seeing that the track demonstrates a singer doing a damn fine job with not even a hint of performance-enhancing technology.

As for the song, you probably know all there is to it. Originally released in 1992 on "Vulgar Display of Power," "Walk" became an instant classic for Pantera. Back to the vocal track, make sure to give it a listen below, the singing kicks in at 0:35.

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    Way Cool JR.
    Not really the best track to show off Phil's vocal abilities. Something like Cemetery Gates or Shattered would make some great isolated tracks. Even some stuff from the Power Metal album would be great. Just my opinion of course.
    I was thinking the exact same thing. Hollow also comes to mind. I'd love to hear an isolated vocal track from Cemetery Gates though. Phil had such amazing range during his prime.
    Just as pleasurable as Dimes guitar riffs... Vinnies drum beats... and of course Rex's bass notes... Phil's metal born vocals are just as strong as any of his other brothers instruments. Hell, I'd give you my opinion that Dimes guitar and Vinnies vocals are what made Panatera... PANTERA!!!!!
    If metal ever becomes an official religion this should be used as a psalm in every service, exactly how it is.
    If it counts for anything, in the latest UK census, over 6,000 people declared their religion as "Heavy Metal". Around 4,000 declared themselves druids, and even less followed scientology.
    Don't need no blind belief Don't need no comic relief Don't need to see the scars Don't need Jesus Christ Superstar
    Sorry but the sub-octave synth and reverse delay are enhancements.
    But they're not performance enhancements.
    Actually, you can hear different parts of the verse overlap one another. They were clearly recorded separately, so actually, this is nothing special. It's good yeah, but it's good, because he had time to rest after each line.
    Yeah i thought that to. I think Phil recorded most songs by just doing a line at a time. I'd love to a live Bon Scott isolated track! Pure passion!