Phil Collins Announces Adele Collaboration

artist: Phil Collins date: 01/24/2014 category: general music news

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Phil Collins Announces Adele Collaboration
Discussing his first post-retirement activity, rock legend Phil Collins hinted at a collaboration with British star Adele, noting the popular singer got in touch with him for future endeavors.

"She contacted me to write together," Collins told Florida TV. "I actually wasn't too aware of her. You know, I live in a cave, I think. But she has achieved an incredible amount, and I really love her voice. I love some of that stuff that she’s done."

Explaining how he became aware of Adele's work, Phil pointed at his kids. "You know, I don't listen to [music] too much," he said (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "I come across things by accident - whether it's my young kids, Nicholas and Matthew. They listen to music a lot. And Nicholas is a great drummer."

Admitting there's more to modern scene than most might think, Collins added: "So, I'm always interested to see what they are listening to. Lily, the next one up in age, she has good playlists on her iPod. I always think: 'Oh, there's nothing too much happening,' and she plays stuff and I say, 'What’s that!? That was great!'"

In related news, Adele is rumored to be making a comeback with "Devil on My Shoulder" single, as she registered the track with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), Gigwise reports. The songwriting credits list Greg Wells known for his previous collaborations with Adele, Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry.

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