Phil Rudd on AC/DC's Future: 'We'll Probably All Have to Be Dead Before It Stops'

"You'll never stop Angus," the drummer says.

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In a new interview with Australia's "Today Show" (via Loudwire), AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd not only confirmed his desire to keep going, but declared that "we'll probably all have to be dead before it stops."

Earlier this year, rumors of Malcolm Young's ill health began to circulate. A stroke, cancer, dementia and Alzheimer's have all been blamed for Malcolm's break from the band, but the Young family has chosen to keep the guitarist's health issues private.

While speaking to Australia's "Today Show," Rudd professed himself as "the best live rock drummer who has ever walked the planet" and AC/DC as "the best band in the world." In addition to Rudd's claims, the drummer spoke about AC/DC's future. "There will be another tour, and I'll be on it. And when there's another one, I'll be on that. And another record, I'll be on that. It'll go until it dies. We'll probably all have to be dead before it stops, you know what I'm saying? You'll never stop Angus [Young], mate."

Phil Rudd will release his first solo album, "Head Job," on August 29. The first single, "Repo Man," can be heard below.

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    As much flak as AC/DC takes here, I have to give them credit for still hitting it hard after all these years. ... And am I the only one that misread the article title for a second and thought "What the hell does Paul Rudd have to do with AC/DC??"
    Can't stop rock n roll. In a time with all these bands evolving and doing/trying new things and these new pop "artists", we still have AC/DC making straight forward rock n roll. Much respect to the greatest band for keeping it real. AC/DC till death!