Pink Floyd App Warns Internet Users of Government Snooping

artist: Pink Floyd date: 06/27/2013 category: music news
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Pink Floyd App Warns Internet Users of Government Snooping
Internet users were shocked by last week's revelations that the US Government was tracking social media users around the world as part of the controversial PRISM program. Now a clever new tool uses the music of Pink Floyd to warn internet users when they're visiting a site that could be sending your private data to the government. The Firefox add-on called "Dark Side of the Prism" plays tracks from "Dark Side of the Moon" in the background whenever you visit sites like Facebook, as a reminder of the pervasive snooping culture that has taken over the internet. Other sites which trigger the app include Bing, Google and Yahoo. It was created by Floyd fan Justin Blinder, a 28-year-old developer who wanted to create an ambient notification to warn users of the invasion of their privacy. "I was really interested in the fact that, although the Prism leaks were a shock to many of us, we pretty much already kind of know we're being surveiled a lot of the time and giving away so much data," he told the Guardian, adding that he chose Pink Floyd because the music was relatively unintrusive. "I didn't want it to be too jarring because a lot of us seem to be giving in to being surveiled on a daily basis. I feel like people already know that. I didn't want it to be alarming." Watch a video that explains the Pink Floyd Prism warning concept:
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