Pink Floyd Drummer: 'Record Labels Must Work Harder'

As Mason notes, the band was taken aback by their Spotify success, which has changed their opinion on the service.

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Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has been speaking to the Wall Street Journal (via Classic Rock) about his band’s recent embracing of Spotify, and why record companies need to work harder to promote new talent.

As Mason notes, the band was taken aback by their Spotify success, which has changed their opinion on the service:

"Spotify for us was a success. A lot of people have been streaming our music, and importantly also a lot of people who weren't yet familiar with our music.

"Perhaps I would say something different if we were having this discussion a year and a half ago. But now it’s becoming clear that streaming is not another form of piracy, and you can argue that more music is being listened to now than in the past."

He also notes that record companies need to change the way they think about developing grassroot talent if they want to stay in business:

"Record companies can no longer afford to do the sort of development for new artists that they used to do. Launching new artists or bands has simply become too expensive for them now that their business model and their revenues are under pressure.

"We're going to have to find other ways of identifying the grassroot talent out there. As artists we used to have a ladder that we needed to climb - but now it feels like the first four rungs are missing."

"Record companies need to work more comfortably with artists, or they will lose out."

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    Agree, but nowadays record labels are more focused just on profit rather than doing what Nick says, sad but true.
    Find me, and you'll have the first Hard rock song in the top 40 thats been there in a long time.
    I agree. They no longer want to take young bands and help them develop their music and create an image. Now record companies expect everything to be handed in a plate to them.
    The real concern for me with Spotify, is the impact it has o the careers of newer artists, than the continued success of the established.