Pink Floyd to Reunite for Glastonbury? Waters & Mason Say They're Up for It

Whether or not David Gilmour is also up for it remains to be seen.

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Pink Floyd to Reunite for Glastonbury? Waters & Mason Say They're Up for It

Promoting the upcoming Pink Floyd exhibition "Their Mortal Remains," Roger Waters and Nick Mason said they're actually fully up for reuniting the iconic act for a one-off Glastonbury performance.

Telegraph reports the drummer said about the whole idea: "It would be nice to add it to the list of things. I've never played Glastonbury. It would be fun to do it, but I don't think it would be very likely."

Waters chimed in: "I did Glastonbury once, I think. It was really cold. But there were a lot of people and it seemed very jolly and I liked it. Yeah, I would do it again."

As for David Gilmour, Roger noted: "The last I heard, David had retired," with Nick adding, "I heard he retired, then he seemed to unretire."

Discussing his relationship with Waters back in 2015, Gilmour stated: "Roger and I don't particularly get along. We still talk. It's better than it has been. But it wouldn't work. People change. Roger and I have outgrown each other, and it would be impossible for us to work together on any realistic basis."

"The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains" will take place at the V&A museum in London, UK between May 13 and October 1, featuring over 350 exclusive items like handwritten lyrics, musical instruments and stage props, along with original artwork by Syd Barrett and the cane Waters' headmaster used to beat him at the Cambridge and County High School for Boys, inspiring a solid portion of "The Wall."

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    I don't think there's even a remote possibility of this happening, since Gilmour has repeatedly said he'd never be part of another Pink Floyd reunion ever again. Then again, I've said this before in regards to Guns N' Roses.
    Getting Pink Floyd related upvotes by mentioning Guns'n'Roses seems wrong on so many levels ...
    Explain how it is wrong on one level. You can't just say on multiple levels and not give a single level.
    It would be cool if they did it as a tribute to Rick Wright and dedicated the exhibition to his memory. Otherwise I'm fine seeing Rog and Dave do their solo tours.
    It'd be cool too if they took pictures of this exhibition, exposed them on another, and invited Emerson to see it.
    Yeah they each have a good thing going right now. Rattle That Lock was really good, and I've never been disappointed by Roger's solo albums.
    I would see them if they toured. I passed on Black Sabbath's tour because I think their music is really a young man's music to perform. I don't want to see 70 year olds hobbling around when they should be jumping. Active for their age is not active. Pink Floyd is more calm, sonic, and reserved. There's nothing about their performance that would be hindered by their age. From anything I've seen, their younger shows weren't about stage activity from the band, more visual effects. It could be better than other reunions.
    Pretty much spot on. I saw Gilmour @ Verona last year and it was nothing short of spectacular! 3,5 hours without Gilmour ever seeming tired or remotely bored
    Yeah. I think they are all still good players, and there was never a lot more to their performance than playing well and the light show.
    I think Pink Floyd is the only band I'd ever forgive for constantly saying "ok, this time it's for real, last show!" again and again because, well, it's bloody Floyd - But then again, I'll won't believe it until I actually see all three on the same stage.
    Yeah, who's Rick Wright again? I DON'T CARE, PINK FLOYD, WOOHOO!!! ALL 3, WOOHOO!
    Roger making it look like David doesn't want it will most likely not motivate David to do it. Bad move. Especially when EVERYONE including any real fans AND ROGER should know that David won't do it because Rick is dead. Also Glastonbury isn't for charity and charity would b the only thing that could make David even consider reuniting. He said it multiple times. End of story. No Rick, no Pink Floyd. No charity, no reunion. Google David's comments from the last ten years. And good for David to not having agreed to anything. I respect him. And since this will get downvotes anyways I wanna at least say I respect Roger too and seeing him do The Wall in 2013 (Berlin Olympic Stadium) was extraordinary. STILL he's a dick once again making it look like it's not gonna happen just because David isn't in the mood or something.
    Exactly, I've seen some interview with David and he clearly said that Pink Floyd is a thing of past, for Rick is no more...
    "The last I heard, David had retired,"
    This is my impression from Gilmour, I don't think he will tour again, or record a new album. One or two shows here and there I see it happening, but with the old gang, is very unlikely. I wish they did it though...
    Bruh...he just did a solo album not too long ago...Edit: and heaps of shows...
    Yeah... I know he did an album just like two years ago... very good album by the way, but after that I just don't see him doing a tour, a record maybe, but I don't see it happening... I hope I'm wrong but well... is just the impression his actions give me... only time will tell.
    Gilmour has said that he's not done making music yet. He's certainly far less active, especially compared to Waters, but I don't think he's thrown in the towel.
    Gilmour did 2 solo albums since the last reunion at Live 8 in 2005, Waters just finished his first since then...
    I meant in general activity. Waters tours non-stop.
    Ok. sounded different cuz you said he's not done making music but less active so it sounded like a comparison in who creates more music ...Also Roger is milking the legacy (until now that he has a solo album again finally), David tours his solo stuff only. not that fair to is more active, the other is way more creative. But I get you and I see by the pic that you are a Gilmour fan like me so cheers man!
    'I did Glastonbury once, I think.' We see what you did there, Rog, we don't buy it.
    It shows that he's spoiled by his success and an arrogant prick, he doesn't even remember or care if he did it once...