Pink Floyd Was Over In 1985 Says Roger Waters

Roger Waters has emphatically ruled out a Pink Floyd reunion once and for all saying the band "was over" in 1985 when he left.

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Roger Waters has emphatically ruled out a Pink Floyd reunion once and for all saying the band "was over" in 1985 when he left.

In recent years relations between him and surviving members David Gilmour and Nick Mason have thawed to the point where all three appeared during a performance of Waters' The Wall in 2011.

But that's as far as it goes, says the former mainman.

He tells The Sun: "I can't. I left Pink Floyd for very good reasons, and it was the right and proper thing to do. It was over in in 1985 and it's still over."

But he admits: "I'm having dinner with Nick tonight. He'd jump back in a heartbeat."

Despite thinking about retiring after the first round of The Wall shows, Waters has found himself staging more and more performances, with a series of massive open-air editions due this year.

But he admits the idea came from his wife and he didn't like it when she suggested it.

"I started to get itchy feet," he recalls. "Laurie said, You should go out on tour again, but if you do, there's only one thing you can do: The Wall.

"I said, 'Be quiet you don't understand!' Then I started figuring out whether it was possible. Eventually I told her, 'You know what? You were right.'"

The focus in the storyline has moved since Waters first delivered it as a "frightened youngish man." He says: "I'm much less frighteners and much more comfortable with audiences.

"I was determined that this show should not just tell the story of miserable little Roger Waters, but make it a much broader and theatrical piece about the walls that divide us north and south, rich and poor, Christians and Muslims."

He promises his concert at Wembley Stadium on September 14 will offer plenty for those who have seen previous performances. "We're going from 28 projects to 49," he explains. "There will be a lot more detailed information, close-ups of me, the band you won't quite be sure of what's going on."

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    Wasn't Roger the one clamouring for a reunion? He was always whining about how Gilmour wasn't interested and now he's acting like it was his own decision not to have reunion and that he never wanted one in the first place. Great musician and writer, unfortunately also an egotistical prick.
    Nah, I'd rather listen to The Division Bell than to The Final Cut any day of the week.
    Oh, I also want to notice about "The Division Bell" that was released in 1994 without Waters but it is still a great album - especially for the "High Hopes"...
    It still gives my chills all over my spine each time I think that "High Hopes" is the last tracked Pink Floyd song. Considering the lyrics (Gilmour sings "forever and ever" right before the astonishing final solo) and the song itself, what a way to end a discography.
    Not a big fan of The Division Bell, but it's still better than the Final Cut, and miles agead of the aptly named Momentary Lapse of Reason
    It'd be awesome to see a reunion but if Rogers heart isn't in it then what can you ask? At least we have early recordings of magic with all these fine musicians.
    This is like Zeppelin's refusal to reunite. So close yet so far.
    And it's like Zep's reunion in that one member of both bands is dead. So yeah, not really happening anyway....
    Don't get me wrong, I love Roger's work and I'll be seeing him this year on tour too, but Pink Floyd ended with The Division Bell and it was possibly the greatest way for them to retire.
    Pink Floyd wont reunite because DAVID GILMOUR says so. Roger has nothing else to say, after trying to get David in the fold for years after the Live 8 reunion. Thats why its ove, and hes just spinning the truth
    Your missing Richard... Momentary Lapse of Reason and Division Bell were awesome because not every album has to be concept... Also... Go to you tube and look up live 8 performance... That was our reunion. Geldoff was the only one to pull them together.
    Well personally I think Pink Floyd was over after The Wall tour in 1981. The Final Cut is a Roger Waters album, A Momentary Lapse of Reason and Division Bell are David Gilmour albums.
    stupid pink floyd it was pretty much over when waters (???) started getting all pissed off around the making of the wall