Pink Floyd's 'The Endless River' Will Feature Graham Nash and David Crosby

New details about new Pink Floyd album emerged.

Ultimate Guitar

Graham Nash is providing new insights into Pink Floyd's forthcoming "The Endless River" project, confirming that he and long-time bandmate David Crosby added vocals to a David Gilmour-penned track dealing with loss.

"We went down to sing on this particular song that he wrote about friends that had died," Nash reveals, in a new talk with VH-1 Radio Network's Dave Basner (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "It's a beautiful song, too - beautiful."

Gilmour and Nick Mason have been at work since late last year completing ambient, primarily instrumental music begun during the late Rick Wright's final early-'90s sessions with Pink Floyd. Lyricist Polly Samson, who has collaborated with her husband Gilmour on a series of projects, described "The Endless River" as Wright's "swansong."

This isn't the first time, by the way, that Nash and Crosby have been involved with a Gilmour project. They also sang background on the title track for his 2006 solo album "On an Island." "I'm hoping that it's as good as 'On An Island,'" Nash tells Basner, "because I thought that that song of Gilmour's was not only a brilliant song, but I thought we sang pretty good on it."

Rumors that Graham and Nash were working with Gilmour first circulated last November, but it was assumed back then that the sessions would be part of a planned "On an Island" follow up. "The Endless River" is due in October.

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    With every detail that's being released I just get more excited..I'd never thought I would see another Pink Floyd album coming out. This could be the album of the year.
    Crowded House
    I speculated this on the initial page about Endless River being announced. 10 points for me!
    10 points to Crowded House! I was originally going to say Gryffindor House, but your username was too perfect.
    @CharlieManson. Waters A) Likely doesn't want to be involved, and B) Gilmour likely wouldn't allow him to be involved. Do you know anything about the history of Floyd? Are you honestly sitting there behind your computer screen convinced that Roger is saying ''Well, I think i'll choose not to involve myself on this album.''? It's not his choice.
    Really hoping that at least Gilmour takes to the road after this. The only thing that would make this better is a tour!
    Rebel Scum
    Shame there's no Stephen Stills though. He wrote more "beautiful" songs than Crosby and Nash, and has a better voice imo.
    oh god... boo hoo... how picky are people going to get? "I want a new pink floyd" **NEW PINK FLOYD ALBUM COMING OUT** "Eeeeee still no roger after 26 years? I'm so surprised. No steven stills ? awww!!... " Just be ****ing happy... quit whining
    this is no floyd.... only 2 originally members....why is David destroying Pink Floyds reputation ...Syd would turn in his grave
    lol Syd? because he spent his entire life cultivating and protecting the Pink Floyd name, right? or wait, he was only on the first 2 albums, and he barely had an impression on the second one.
    Not to mention the man was so damn high all the time that he probably couldn't remember what band he was in during most of his tenure in Floyd. I'd say it was really Gilmour coming in on the second album, and becoming a prominent songwriter that really made Pink Floyd into the band they are. Had they continued on with Syd, we never know what would have happened. But we do know what effect Gilmour had on the band, with its imprint left on albums like Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Atom Heart Mother, Animals... And you can even tell the changes in the music when Waters decided to take over all aspects of the songwriting, like on The Wall or The Final Cut (the latter of which was never even intended to be a Floyd record but a Waters solo album), so when everyone got butthurt over that, it was up to Gilmour, yet again, to save the band. It was the second time David saved Pink Floyd from disaster. So I don't see this as David "tarnishing" Pink Floyd in any way. Nor do I see this as disrespectful to any past member, dead or alive. If the music is truly quality stuff, it would have been a shame for things like Richard Wright's last recordings with Floyd to be unreleased and unheard by the general public. I'm looking forward to hearing the record
    I agree partially. Although David Gilmour is my favorite member of PF, and one of my favorite guitar players of all time, I really think that MLOR, and TBD (Gilmour solo albums stamped with the PF name) were incredibly weak. I will credit Gilmour with keeping the PF concert legacy alive during those years, which was still great even without Waters. However, considering the quality of the last 2 albums without Waters, and even The Final Cut (Waters solo album stamped with the PF name), I can't really get too excited over this new release. I think the magic of Pink Floyd simply requires all 4 members contributing at least somewhat in the writing process.
    and the fact that Waters isn't involved shows that he isn't impressed by this idea....leave the name Pink Floy alone, why is Gilmour doing that, i guess he has enough money so he doesn't need to promote that stuff with the Floyd name/art.....
    I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan and I love Syd and Roger's music with and after their times with Floyd but it's really been Gilmour that made the band what it is. I'm looking forward to this!
    I like CSN&Y. That being said Crosby and Nash sing backup for a couple songs on Gilmour's Remember That Night, and on Shine On in particular, you can tell they flat out shouldn't be singing any Floyd stuff.