Pirate Bay Block 'Ineffective'

artist: Pirate Bay date: 07/24/2012 category: music news
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Pirate Bay Block 'Ineffective'
Blocking the Pirate Bay in the UK has proved ineffective, according to figures revealed to the BBC. The popular file-sharing site was blocked on five major UK internet service providers (ISPs) in May. One of them has anonymously revealed that file sharing dropped by more than 11% following the ban, but the drop was short-lived: "We saw a fall at the time of the block, made more dramatic by the increasing amount of such traffic in the weeks leading up to it," said the source. "But volumes are already pretty much back to where they were before." The figures do not specify which file sharing sites are being used - meaning that access to the Pirate Bay may have dropped, but its users may have found alternatives to continue sharing files. Leader of the Pirate Party UK, Loz Kaye, says that blocking is "an ineffective method. It's not in any way productive. Anyone who knows anything about how the internet works can get around it." Speaking for the British Phonographic Industry which supported the ban, Geoff Taylor said they will take further steps to combat file sharing site owners who "line their pockets by ripping off everyone who makes the music we enjoy." Taylor adds that the Pirate Bay was previously one of the top 50 sites in the UK, but has dropped to 282 since the ban. He says the battle against copyright infringement will continue. What do you think? Can copyright holders ever win their battle against file sharing, or will streaming services like Spotify prove itself as an alternative? Share your opinion in the comments.
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