Pirate Bay Blocked In UK?

The Pirate Bay may be blocked in Britain following a major ruling in a UK court, raising concerns for the future of free speech.

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The Pirate Bay may be blocked in Britain following a major ruling in a UK court.

Yesterday, Mr Justice Arnold ruled in favour of a coalition of record labels who are in favour of a total block on the Pirate Bay, claiming it enables visitors to illegally download and share music without compensating the copyright holders.

While it may seem to state the obvious that the Pirate Bay is illegal, the ruling yesterday was necessary to confirm such claims from the record labels.

The high court will decide in June if the site will be completely blocked, though it raises similar concerns as the recent SOPA protests. Is it fair to erect a country-wide firewall, and does this risk the future of free speech?

Despite these concerns, the Pirate Bay appears all but finished. It continues to operate on thepiratebay.se with 30 million users, but the original owners were recently jailed and fined 4.1 million ($6.5 million) for their involvement in the site.

"The site defrauds musicians and causes huge damage to the music industry and wider creative industries," said Geoff Taylor of the British Phonographic Industry in the Guardian. "The ruling helps clarify the law on website blocking and we will now proceed with our application to have the site blocked to protect the UK's creative industries from further harm."

Is the a step which could save the UK music industry, or is it Alan Moore's dark vision of the future as told in his comic "V For Vendetta" coming to life? Share your viewpoint in the comments.

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    bobt68021 wrote: does anyone remember buying cds at best buy?
    Have you seen their CD racks these days? Shameful.
    masterofpuppies wrote: Two words: proxy server
    Yes. I was thinking the exact same thing, awesome name by the way
    Trent Armitage wrote: oh no! we might have to actually buy our music now!
    I get the feeling the implications of this are more than just about d/loading music.
    Skiny boy89 wrote: What's to decide? People are stealing music of artists, why hesitate? Shut it down.
    1) Stealing is when you take the original and never return it. Pirating is simply making a copy of the original for free. 2) Who are you "stealing" from? Definitely not the artist. Royalty pay is pretty much shit anymore. You are stealing from the record labels that are ripping artists off to fill their own pockets. So go cry a river since some CEO somewhere isn't making millions for doing absolutely nothing. 3) "Illegal downloading" isn't the reason for the decline of music sales. Pop is dominating the charts and what do pop stars produce? Singles. The average music fan is buying singles instead of whole albums. So when everyone is making albums with two or three good songs that everyone likes and the rest of the album is just filler songs, of course people are just going to buy the singles and album sales will go down.
    Just remember kids. Some "nerd" walked into some major record label in the early 90's and tried to explain digital music and the internet to these billionaire label owners and was promptly laughed out of the building. NOW WHO'S BLEEDING?
    You know, I think that Pirate Bay is a good thing. I may torrent an album, give it a listen and then buy it. If it's crap, I just delete it and call it a day.
    I'm all for stopping illegal downloading of music, but I fear where this road will eventually lead us...
    If someone would steal my car and mine would still be there the next morning, I wouldn't mind him driving a free copy.
    I never buy music before hearing the whole album, which most of the time requires me to torrent it.
    Oh no, now people from the UK will have to use one of the other countless torrent sites.
    Rookie93 wrote: V for Vendetta isn't a comic.
    Yes, it is. It was first released 20 years before the film, so you may want to check your facts. My feelings on the issue are summed up perfectly by the mighty Lord Devin Townsend. I'm paraphrasing here, but he once said 'I don't mind people downloading my music. If they like it, go buy a concert ticket.' These days, big bands can pull in more money from one festival appearance than a triple platinum record would get them. Record industry execs claiming all this is to ensure the artists get what they are entitled to is cock of the poppiest variety.
    If it wasn't for piratebay, I might have actually had to pay for Lulu, and no one deserves money for that.
    I've never used that site for music anyway. Plus I'm all but out of my "broke teenager" days and have started paying for things I'd usually end up torrenting. I'm still bothered by things like this though, as they usually have the adverse effect. As soon as you tell people they "can't" have something, they immediately want it whether they would have before you banned it or not.
    Audio-of-Being wrote: If it wasn't for piratebay, I might have actually had to pay for Lulu, and no one deserves money for that.
    I knew there'd be a Lulu joke in here somewhere. Thanks for bringing it to the table. All jokes aside, I have downloaded a bunch of music, and subsequently paid for tickets to shows and bought band merch that I wouldn't have been interested in if I hadn't DL'd the albums and become a fan. I don't see how I'm ripping of the artist. That and you can't find almost anything I listen to in Best Buy. So where else am I going to find it?
    I buy all albums I want, tickets to films I like the look of, and DVDs of my favourite films anyway... but for some reason I still think it's my right to be able to watch films, TV shows and listen to albums free online. I know it's not, but the internet has warped my morals.
    coco-axeman wrote: With torrents gone, I won't be able to acquire my gods' albums . . . No awesome music stores here
    You have the interwebs, thus you have access to Amazon, Ebay, etc. I know some people don't have credit cards, but that's where Paypal comes into play. You're already using the internet to find numerous forms of media for free. Don't act like there's no way to obtain said music through the internet without Pirate Bay, etc. Saying "No awesome music stores here" implies you're willing to pay for your music, so buck up and be resourceful because afterall, it is the internet.
    While it may seem to state the obvious that the Pirate Bay is illegal
    No it is not. The content that is uploaded can be illegal - the tracker and website is not. The same way Megaupload was not illegal. Do some research on law and ethics before you talk your usual crap, UG.
    Not considering the fact that thepiratebay also host legal files and support independent media.
    raising concerns for the future of free speech.
    Is this an archive article? Free speech hasn't existed for ages. Anyway like the Lars Ulrich MTV sketch said "Sharing is only fun when it's not your stuff"
    Hamburger89 wrote: If someone would steal my car and mine would still be there the next morning, I wouldn't mind him driving a free copy.
    I bet you'd mind if someone made a "free copy" of you. Then employed the copy because they didn't have to pay it and fired you .
    There has and always will be some form of peer to peer sharing, I mean they have tried shutting it down since the inception of Napster. It really sucks they have to stoop to censorship though. Yeah it does hurt sales a bit in the album department but how many people that downloaded the music then went to a show and bought a t-shirt or two? Profits lost are Profits gained I would say.
    im a small way i do support ilegal downloading of music. It reveals what kind of music you really like instead of a company releasing just promos to lead into buying something you will not like. In a sense i dont think it defrauds them, i think it reveals whos music is actually worth buying. I could be wrong of course but thats how i like to do it.
    Way to go SOPA *sarcasm* Why wouldn't you milk the people in the middle of a recession. F*ck the world. School, living, food & now even music will be only for the rich. Mark my words.
    what about those of us that download an album to check it out BEFORE we buy it, I'd rather not waste money on a bullshit album that isn't worth my $15
    Isn't using torrents the same as copying cassettes like back in the 80's? Nobody seemed to mind that.
    Alot of bands nowadays claim that they don't care about piracy, some even encourage it, because they want you to hear their music, because if you like it, you might buy a copy, and even if you don't, you'll probably go to see them live for 20 - 30, just think it, nearly all of a bands revenue is from concerts, people getting hold of their music for free is just free advertising...
    nnb wrote: You had napster, then kazaa and e-mule now torrenting. I'm sure something will pop up because fact of the matter is that legislation is always chasing what people are doing! And the whole artists royalty argument is crap. I've used this argument before but I have to say it again. Do architects get any money for the sale or re-sale of the buildings they design? do painters get cash after they initially sell their work (100% sure on this one, but I believe not). Do the writers get cash for re-runs that they write, probably not. So why do bands have the "right" to get money for something they did 20 years ago? They were paid to make an album thats it, they SHOULD be paid well for their LIVE shows I care about getting my moneys worth at a concert and I expect them to perfore because guess what? You get a job, work really well for the first 5 years then think you can ride that the rest of your life? Generally, no! You got paid for your go work but if you don't perform now your fired. I don't understand why the music industry thinks it should get money for work thats already been was years ago. With all the ranting, do I considering it stealing? No sure, it's a moral gray area for me. Reason being, some albums are just over priced. I remember playing 25-30 for metallica records in high school. Most newer bands only have 1 or 2 good songs per album on top of that you have shows like MTV cribs which is like a slap in the face. Let's not forget that many rock artists when they reach a cretin level of fame get sponsorships and are given free guitars and other equipment. I'm not even going to get into the record labels.
    1. Architechs are paid secifically for the design and the rights to said design. 2. Painters don't receive compensation for after market sales because the initla product isn't being copied and given away. There's only an original and any copies of said painting (true copies I might add) do pay royalties to the owner of the rights. 3. Why would writers be compensated for re-runs? They're contracted to write for shows, specifically, and they do not retain the rights to the shows broadcast. Every show has written contracts with any network which airs their show. Once the network owns the rights to air the show, they can do so as they please (not certain here, they may have a contractual limit). 4. Music is different, because it's not being sold to another person, it's being copied and distributed without purchase, i.e. for free, and that's not the intended medium for distribution. 5. I'll make an example using your point of view: If I walked down to my local Dodge dealership and purchased a 2012 Challenger, could I go to an auto body shop afterwards, have the car reproduced in full (because I own the original copy) and give it away without penalty? No, I could not, because the Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep corp. owns the rights and copyrights to the product. Musicians should be compensated for the music they produce, just as each car manufacturer is compensated for each car they produce and just as each clothing designer is compensated for each article of clothing they produce under a certain brand name. By your logic, should each musicians be compensated $12.99 to make a single album and then it's up to them to gig to earn a living?
    The big thing piracy did to the music industry was expose a huge hole in their business model. The number one thing that sells albums in the internet age is fan loyalty to the artist, and the reason so few pop stars have had lasting careers is because major labels have done a poor job of cultivating loyal followings for the artists they've signed. At best, your generic pop star might sell one song really well on iTunes. But the rest of the album will go largely unheard, and when new material comes out, few will be interested. Correcting this requires effort and money, neither of which major label execs have been willing to put forth because they've always reliably been able to make a quick buck on one-hit wonders. It's a poor long-term business model, and piracy is exposing it.
    If i can't do download music Im still not going to buy it. Im broke. Luckily i have about 700 gigs of music already, most of which i haven't had time to listen to. That should last me a long time.
    Also all the people talking about mediafire, you do know they're now watching uploads and getting rid of alot of the illegal stuff
    Slaytan666 wrote: I knew there'd be a Lulu joke in here somewhere. Thanks for bringing it to the table.
    I think you mean James Hetfield
    I can borrow a CD or DVD from a friend, rip it, burn it, give it back. Did I pay for anything? Yeah, $2 for the blank disc that I put the $15 CD, or $30 DVD on. What about mixed tapes? Pop in a blank tape, record the radio for a few hours, you've got like 40 songs you didn't pay for. Why are people just now trying to hammer down on piracy when this stuff has been happening for decades? They'll never sop piracy. People will always find a way to get free music.
    I buy every album I think of it is the shit and have some dvd's of films I know I'll never get tired of. But piratebay is so easy to use for, say you heard bout this new band and you checked them out on YouTube. You think "hmm, maybe I'd like to buy their album" and crappy previews on iTunes aren't satisfying so you torrent it. Then you can listen to it for free and decide whether you like it enough to buy the record or not. It's roughly the same principle as in the vinyl days. You go to the shop, listen to the record and decide to buy it or not. It's a very good way of giving people the freedom of choice. And those who say that bands won't get their money, most profits for the band members come from gigs and merch music is and has always been from and to the people, big labels just want to control and make large profits. Same as politicians, they know shite but pretend they do know everything.
    The only thing that I see downloading music does is drops record sales for bands/artists and if they don't have enough sales they won't tour to places like Australia...I'm not talking about the big guys, the lesser known bands that are ****in awesome that don't come to this side of the planet cause "No ones buying". I agree with try before you buy!! Nothing more annoying than buying an album and only liking one ****in song on it...
    They're fighting piracy the same way they're fighting the drug war. This will work, because drugs are nowhere to be found now, as we all know.
    ...this is bad gawd, old people have to get it in their heads that the diminishing sales are not all due to downloading, but because generally pop music is kinda very dumbed down and easy to forget. And also, you can't get any CDs or shit from relatively unkown bands.
    SSaxdude wrote: I never buy music before hearing the whole album, which most of the time requires me to torrent it.
    Yep, nobody ever uploads all the albums to youtube or anything (which is unfortunately illegal to) to listen to the songs first, so we absolutely have to torrent it to hear it. Oh, well I don't like it enough to buy it, but I don't want to delete it. Might as well will keep it anyways.
    baneofmorgoth wrote: bobt68021 wrote: does anyone remember buying cds at best buy? Have you seen their CD racks these days? Shameful.
    Shameful is not a shameful enough word to describe it. I get surprised every now and then when i bump into my Muse, RHCP, other good rock band from this and past times but that's just about it, they have just one section full of lady gaga where as the same sized section in another part of the store goes from anthrax to rammstein, i mean, a lot gaga, little rock >,