Pirate Bay Blocked In UK?

artist: Pirate Bay date: 02/21/2012 category: music news
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Pirate Bay Blocked In UK?
The Pirate Bay may be blocked in Britain following a major ruling in a UK court. Yesterday, Mr Justice Arnold ruled in favour of a coalition of record labels who are in favour of a total block on the Pirate Bay, claiming it enables visitors to illegally download and share music without compensating the copyright holders. While it may seem to state the obvious that the Pirate Bay is illegal, the ruling yesterday was necessary to confirm such claims from the record labels. The high court will decide in June if the site will be completely blocked, though it raises similar concerns as the recent SOPA protests. Is it fair to erect a country-wide firewall, and does this risk the future of free speech? Despite these concerns, the Pirate Bay appears all but finished. It continues to operate on thepiratebay.se with 30 million users, but the original owners were recently jailed and fined 4.1 million ($6.5 million) for their involvement in the site. "The site defrauds musicians and causes huge damage to the music industry and wider creative industries," said Geoff Taylor of the British Phonographic Industry in the Guardian. "The ruling helps clarify the law on website blocking and we will now proceed with our application to have the site blocked to protect the UK's creative industries from further harm." Is the a step which could save the UK music industry, or is it Alan Moore's dark vision of the future as told in his comic "V For Vendetta" coming to life? Share your viewpoint in the comments.
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