Pirate Bay Co-Founder Says Site Should Be Shut Down

"The Pirate Bay in its current form must end," says Tobias Andersson who thinks its closure will pave the way for a new bullet-proof piracy platform.

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Pirate Bay co-founder Tobias Andersson has called for the site to be shut down.

It's not a change in his ideals or view on piracy. Instead, Andersson says that times have changed and that it needs to adapt to changing technologies if it wants to remain relevant.

"The Pirate Bay in its current form must end. It's not built and meant for what is coming. The future copy fights will need something better, safer, faster," he said during a speech in Brazil (via Torrent Freak). "Something that does not depend on a few persons' will to sacrifice themselves. The world needs something that is impossible to take down, no matter what raids, laws and scare tactics they will throw at you."

He continued: "I believe that The Pirate Bay hinders the creation of something new. Not actively, but it has made people too comfortable by always being there."

Andersson recently formed the Promo Bay, a site which lets musicians promote their work to a huge global audience which is supported by ads, but he's also stepping down from that site too.

Meanwhile, another co-founding member of the Pirate Bay has announced plans to release an iPhone and Android messaging app which will protect conversations from spies.

The app call Hemlis - 'secret' in Swedish - will encrypt conversations and block agencies like the NSA from missing information from conversations.

What's your view on piracy? Is it as relevant or damaging when legal streaming services are so cheap and easy to use? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    "Legal streaming services are so cheap and easy to use?" What about the other 180 countries of the world where such services do not exist? There are other countries in the world except US and UK, imagine that
    America isn't even in the top 10 of pirating countries. That is what makes me laugh.
    Yeah, the other 180 countries have the exact same internet as the US and UK. While it's true that I can't watch BBC online in Finland, our TV channels have their own streaming services. Spotify and Netflix and stuff like that are pretty much global though. We're not uncivilized apes that haven't evolved since 1990.
    "We're not uncivilized apes that haven't evolved since 1990." Whad? Aren't we? And once again great title UG, you're almost as good as Finnish media..
    Piracy may be bad. But it sure has increased the amount of gigs I attend.
    This is the way ARTISTS I listen to get their money. The CD sales get engulfed by the label. Support your bands live, kiddo's, or you're just supporting their label.
    You do realise there is a reason basically all touring bands have a label? There are few artists who can pay for large tours themselfs, there are few artists who has the amount of contacts the label does. With less wealthy labels, less artists get chanced on.
    If only labels realized that CD-sales aren't everything when it comes to tour-funding. Ticket-sales need a higher-weight in the major-labels' decisions.
    Alligator Dunde
    I pirate stuff because I hope that the spirit of Lenin will come and thank me for shitting on capitalism.
    Alligator Dunde
    By "kids", he meant "comrades".
    One of the best things that ever happened to the earth was the death of Lenin. The same should happen to all Commies.
    One of the best things that will ever happen to the earth is the death of stevethecurse. The same should happen to all people on the internet who crystallize their hatred into comments.
    piracy is a response to greedy corporations, find a new business model that lets everybody have what they want when it is released, not later at a huge cost
    ye I agree but as long as these corporations still exist it will be near impossible to create a way of sharing music as he wants because they have way too much power. The way things are run now is simply wrong where people are paying over the odds for music and the artist is in debt to the record companies until they have paid huge royalties and some don't even make a profit from their own work, id say that's more criminal than people sharing music over the internet.
    The site shouldn't be taken down lately it's the only source for games not sold in stores anymore
    Take a look at GOG.com They have some nice classic video games available that work with new OSes
    pirate bay is the only one i trust
    What? You're obviously not on registered trackers. Install peer block and then go back on pirate bay and see how many anti-piracy agencies are already on to you. Then do the same on a registered tracker and tell me what the difference is..
    for people in countries where albums are not releaased and available i can't really think of an argument against them downloading, but the suburban middle class kid who claims they're fighting capitalism by stealing from bands they supposedly like is pretty pathetic. at least have the balls to say you can't be bothered to pay for it. if artists wanted you to have it for free theey'd just put it up on their website for free, and some bands do so fair play to them. but if you want something that someone made and wants you to pay for, you should pay for it.
    @Conor bailey That would be then shareware like it used to be. Piracy it's not destroying music industry. I download a lot of albums because in my country we don't get a lot of albums (especially death metal) so I can't "buy it" normally. If I get the chance to buy It, I do, I even have a collection of cds. Take a look at the new Black Sabbath album and the last Megadeth album, both came at the same time and Black Sabbath sold a lot while Megadeth didn't go very well and Mustaine blamed piracy because of that while the album sucks balls.
    we download illegally because its free and easy to get away with... why are people kidding themselves that its because of the corporations or something else... corporations wont get hurt, just the struggling artist who gets dropped because of low cd/download sells, then the the major label churns out more easy money gimmick bands or generic pop music. and the wheel turns. and here we are, with the music industry covered in its own poop!
    I'm going to assume that a lot of people on UG are looking to make a career in the music industry. I think that is a safe bet to make. Yet it looks like most of you are supporting something that is essentially stealing from the music industry. Yeah it may seem all well and good when you are trying to get your name out the but, what happens when you do? You won't be so happy to see all your hard work not make a profit because of illegal downloads.
    Bands get their revenue from shows and merch, not album sales. But I see what you're getting at.
    The Spoon
    CD sales don't exist just to put money in the pockets of label executives. CD sales, especially first week sales, are a way for a label to gauge how relevant and popular a band is which affects their career for the entire record cycle. A band with great sales will get put on better tours, see more exposure, and are generally much better off career-wise than bands with poor sales. If your favorite band's CD sales sucked then they may get put on crappier tours making it harder for fans to support them in that area. Moral of the story is that buying a CD is much more useful to a band than you think. Edit: I may have gone off on a rant on the wrong person, but I see many people justify not buying a band's CD because they think all they need to do to keep a band going is to see them on tour.
    It's maddening when people say this and have no idea what they're talking about, it's just a sentence people spout so they can go "See, it's fine that I pirate. I'm not hurting anyone except those good for nothin' labels!" You think a band's going to get on any good tours if they've not sold any records?