Pixies Claim Kurt Cobain Ripped Them Off and Confessed It

artist: Nirvana date: 11/15/2013 category: music news
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Pixies Claim Kurt Cobain Ripped Them Off and Confessed It
Pixies frontman Black Francis recently discussed the band's influence on Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, as well as massive kudos the band's been getting from rock giant David Bowie. Asked by Reuters to comment on Bowie's statements about Pixies "changing the format for delivering hard rock" or Cobain's confession of ripping the band off, Francis focused on the band's contribution to rock music. "Being original, influencing Nirvana so they could rip a song. I'll admit it - if Kurt Cobain fessed up to it, f--k it, I'll agree with it, you ripped us off." As far as Bowie goes, the frontman talked about his desire for Pixies to become the singer's backup band. "It's f--king David Bowie!" he enthusiastically said. "Come on! We could do that. Bowie, the Pixies, together at last! ... I think that Dylan and the [Grateful] Dead tour kind of served them both very well." Apart from pointing out that he's quite happy with his current status in the music realm, Black discussed the band's first breakup, admitting he wishes things took a different course. "I regret it, but maybe something else would have caused it eventually. "But I wish that the manager or someone at the record company would have been a little more tuned in to the dynamics of a young band being on the road and making records, someone to advise a different schedule, or maybe say 'Hey, you guys are due for vacation like right about now' or 'Hey, you all do your solo albums' ... We never really got that sort of common sense advice, or at least I was too stoned to hear it," the singer concluded. Pixies released their latest EP effort "EP1" on September 2, essentially featuring the band's first new material in over two decades.
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