Pixies' Reveal Secret Record Store Day Song 'Women of War'

artist: Pixies date: 04/21/2014 category: music news

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Pixies' Reveal Secret Record Store Day Song 'Women of War'
Alt-rock legends the Pixies released their first album in 23 years, "Indie Cindy," for Record Store DayConsequence of Sound reports.

While it's really more a collection of material from their recent series of EPs than a whole new record, the RSD edition did feature a surprise, never-before-heard song.

"Women of War" was included on an accompanying 7-inch single, and you can now stream it below (via Stereogum).

"Indie Cindy" will receive a wide release on April 29th. The three new tracks on the album will also be available as a 10-inch vinyl called "EP3."
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