Pixies Stream Their First Album in 23 Years, 'Indie Cindy'

Black Francis and co return.

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Pixies are set to release their first album of new material in 23 years - and it's now available online to stream, one week ahead of its official release date, Gigwise reports.

Black Francis and co's last output was way back in 1991, with their fourth record "Trompe le Monde" - so it's fair to say "Indie Cindy" is something of a highly anticipated release.

Listen to the full album below (exclusively via Guardian).

Featuring tracks from recent EPs "EP1," "2" and "3," "Indie Cindy" was produced by Gil Norton, the band's longstanding producer (he worked with the Pixies on "Doolittle," "Bossanova" and the aforementioned "Trompe le Monde").

Watch the video for "Indie Cindy" below:

YouTube preview picture

With a string of summer festival dates lined up (including a headlining slot at London's Field Day in June), the Pixies' comeback is well and truely underway.

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    Nowhere near as good as their classics, in my opinion. But to be fair, they did set pretty high standards with their previous four albums. I wasn't exactly expecting an instant classic. A good album, regardless. "Bagboy" is still my favorite.
    their lastest music is badass and super. it's not open for debate.
    the first time read your comment, i thought you said it was bad and subpar. then i put my glasses on.