Placebo: 'We Need Pop Stars Like Lady Gaga'

"What she's doing is very political," says frontman Brian Molko.

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Placebo frontman Brian Molko sang praises of pop star Lady Gaga, giving her kudos for integrity and stressing that the music world needs more similar artists. "It's not really the type of music that I listen to, but I think [that] what she represents and how she presents herself - what she is saying in pop music, what she's doing is very political in its own way and I think we need pop stars like that," Brian told Triple M Rock News. The singer then went on to bash Simon Cowell as one of the key figures responsible for the demise of pop music. "That Simon Cowell, horrible excuse of whatever - for me it's kind of ruined pop music.

"We're old enough to remember the '80s and in the 80's, pop music was quite avantgarde - a lot of Kate Bush's output or David Bowie output in the '80s, Peter Gabriel - these people were making pop music. It was really out there man! And now what we've got is karaoke basically. Gaga is so important," he concluded. Placebo released their latest studio effort "Loud Like Love" on September 16 through Universal Records. Featuring 10 new tunes, the record debuted at No. 98 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Does Lady Gaga stand out above other modern pop stars? Let us know in the comments.

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    Nero Galon
    I can agree with what he's saying. Gaga is among the most talented in her scene.
    Her music is really not my thing, but I can't deny that she's one of the best at what she does. At least she has talent.
    I bet there were people shouting/whining/screeching in the 80s that Kate Bush, David Bowie etc were selling out and whatnot. And today they are more or less legendary!
    I must be the only one who doesn't like Gaga, everyone I say that to goes on to tell me how talented she is and yes I know she can play the piano.
    I agree. She can sing alright and play piano. Big deal. Just because she's more talented than many other pop stars today doesn't make her music anything short of generic and boring. It's the same feeling I get from a lot of shred guitarists.
    She can actually sing really well. She has a much better voice for more jazz styled stuff though, listen to some of her tracks with Tony Bennet
    Maybe that because you enjoy the mediocrity of the younger generations guitarists....
    i agree dayman...i give her props for being one of the better pop stars now, but thats like being the best garbage man...its still a genre created by record labels, and carried out by a bunch of corporate-made "stars", she may have actual talent of her own, but shes still a puppet to her label
    She can perform, write some pretty catchy tunes, and dare to have some sort of non-conventional appearance (like the 80s stuff). I respect her for that. But personally I haven't really been a fan besides a few tracks from The Fame Monster.
    I accidently downvoted your comment, but meant to upvote it. I don't get why yours get downvoted. And ontopic: the 80's seem a lot more artisical... except that nowadays we also have very, very, talented artists. Flying Lotus, Four Tet, Shlohmo, Floating Points, Maribou State are really talented/artistical and are also 2013'style music. My 2 cents.
    Things went downhill after Fame Monster. Applause sounds decent, hopefully she'll keep steering away from that "2edgy4me" pretentious shit.
    Don't forget the marketing team behind most (if not all) pop stars. Every move is calculated. Every appearance costume, swinging on a ball is done for a reason.
    True dat. While people are dying all around the world, and we have the means to do some good shit, instead, we're argueing about Miley Cyrus on a ball. Seriously, people need to let go a lot of standard social norms. Who cares anyway.
    hes right, the 80s were weird
    You mean awwwwweeeessssoooommme
    He means gay. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but being super flamboyantly gay is a bit much. Most gay people I know say "I hate 'fags' because they ruin it for everyone(sic)". Just like most black people I know say "I hate niggas because they make the rest of us look ignint.(sic)"
    Yeah, but I don't think most people considered them weird at the time. It's only when we look back on it that it looks weird.And in it's own way that's the problem. I can look back on the 90s and say "It's kind of weird that the biggest pop album of that decade was Alanis Morissette's [i]Jagged Little Pill " not only because it outsold most other 90s albums, and spawned seven singles out of its twelve songs, but because in spite of all those lovely guitars and slight whackiness, it's decidedly 'pop'. Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' is pop: riffs, solos, and all. In fact, genuinely popular and best-selling pop music involved real musicians and at least a level of experimentation until about 1997, at which point the major studios and record labels collectively shit themselves, and in spite of the smell they haven't changed their underwear since.
    popstars like MJ are needed.... the man had everything.. gaga is fine but MJ was stn else jst sayin'
    The only thing I respect Lady Gaga for is her love of Iron Maiden. Because of that she may be an ambassador of Metal music to those that listen to pop music. Kinda like a gateway drug.
    Political? She's doing whatever the record company says you twit!
    I don't think advocating LGBT rights and writing those ideals into her music is something a record label told her to do.
    they might have considering it sells well with the youth.
    Take a look at many other artists who do pose an image of themselves as asked by their labels and then look at Gaga. There is an air of honesty about her that you struggle to find otherwise. She is either a really good actor or very genuine.
    I disagree. I think labels have noticed a sort of niche hadn't been filled and they've pushed Gaga to jump in. At least, that's my impression from her. When I see her talking about that stuff it seems rehearsed to me.
    Agree with him. At least she is talented. Look at one of her acoustic live, she has a voice.
    In my opinion there are three sides to being the big-shot musician that gets really successful: being the pop star (i.e. charismatic and puts on a really good show), being talented (can play well), and being a great songwriter. I'd say Gaga is the first two, but not so much the third.
    I think the pop-genre needs more stars like Pink. And that comes from a metalhead. Pink makes awesome pop/pop-rock music.