Placebo: 'We Need Pop Stars Like Lady Gaga'

artist: Placebo date: 10/22/2013 category: music news
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Placebo: 'We Need Pop Stars Like Lady Gaga'
Placebo frontman Brian Molko sang praises of pop star Lady Gaga, giving her kudos for integrity and stressing that the music world needs more similar artists. "It's not really the type of music that I listen to, but I think [that] what she represents and how she presents herself - what she is saying in pop music, what she's doing is very political in its own way and I think we need pop stars like that," Brian told Triple M Rock News. The singer then went on to bash Simon Cowell as one of the key figures responsible for the demise of pop music. "That Simon Cowell, horrible excuse of whatever - for me it's kind of ruined pop music.

"We're old enough to remember the '80s and in the 80's, pop music was quite avantgarde - a lot of Kate Bush's output or David Bowie output in the '80s, Peter Gabriel - these people were making pop music. It was really out there man! And now what we've got is karaoke basically. Gaga is so important,"
he concluded. Placebo released their latest studio effort "Loud Like Love" on September 16 through Universal Records. Featuring 10 new tunes, the record debuted at No. 98 on the Billboard 200 chart.
Does Lady Gaga stand out above other modern pop stars? Let us know in the comments.
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