Plagiarism: Roger Waters Accused of Ripping Off Artwork, New Album Blocked in Italy

"It's a blatant plagiarism of my works," artist Emilio Isgro stated.

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Plagiarism: Roger Waters Accused of Ripping Off Artwork, New Album Blocked in Italy

The Tribunal of Milan has blocked the physical and digital sales of Roger Waters' latest solo album "Is This the Life We Really Want?" due to concerns of copyright infringement.

As CoS reports, the cover bears a resemblance to the conceptual work and "erasure technique" of Italian artist Emilio Isgro.

Emilio described the cover as "a blatant plagiarism of my works."

The source further reports that Water's label Columbia/Sony will have the opportunity to appeal the governmental block during a hearing set for June 27.

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    Better sue every government that has ever blacked out classified information then.  Is this guy serious? Lets block this music because the cover art seems similar to art I made that is derived from a common practice that exists just about everywhere? Pull your head out of your ass man.
    It's a basic design. The guy can't think he's the only person in the world to have thought of it.
    It looks more like he copied from any document the CIA ever released than from this guy.
    Seriously? This guy thinks he invented the idea of a redacted document? I can't imagine this wasn't laughed out of court already.
    Two things: one is share with Hugo, and another one: isn't this type of cover considered as Public Domain because it just fucking obvious idea?
    This type of "artwork" has existed as poetry and artwork for quite awhile now and to claim the concept as ones own is dishonest at best.
    I'm sure one guy who made a brick wall once will come out of the woodworks as well
    Anty 7
    This has been done a hundred times before. So much in fact, that through a strange twist of fate the album is paying the price for having such generic artwork. Fantastic.
    Not sure what to think of this.. hmmm... . lol Could be something he just did randomly?!? Maybe so, maybe not..
    Nice try Emilio...Roger's artwork looks like a gazillion other US redacted gov't docs.  Nothing to see here...
    thisa is why instead pay millions for a super bowl ad you make sure you do one that steals one aleady you will get publity  and not have to pay anything