Pneumatic Guitar Vs Flying Robots

date: 03/02/2012 category: music news

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Ladies and gentleman, let us introduce you to the most ridiculous guitar in the world. Clippard Instrument Laboratory have invented a self-playing guitar, which strums itself thanks to a 62 pneumatic pistons. Musicians can control it with an iPad keyboard going into an Alesis audio interface, but we think it works more as a proof-of-concept creation than a commercial music product. Obviously. It might seem crazy, but we still have to give props to Clippard's dedication. It can pick or strum the guitar as well as create percussive sounds, but alongside iPad integration, it's really just a gimmick. It's not the only robotic instrument to debut online this week. A swarm of flying robots were programmed to play the James Bond theme, which is impressive if not completely weird. Maybe its creators only made it so we'd think they were cute rather than the future of warfare, but who knows. Watch the pneumatic guitar:

Design News TV: Clippard Demonstrates Pneumatic Guitar from UBMDeusM on Vimeo.

Watch robots play James Bond:
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