Police Admits Being Fooled By Scott Weiland Impersonator for Entire Month in Meth Arrest

So the crazy story ends here. Hopefully.

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The crazy story of Scott Weiland's supposed razor theft and meth possession arrest finally came to a grand finale as the police decided to shed some light on the matter.

So as reported, TMZ claimed that the former Stone Temple Pilots singer was arrested last month for stealing razors from a Beverly Hills store, which only led to a severe meth possession charge.

A plethora of updates had since followed, including a video of Weiland debunking the story, so if you really want more details, you can find them here.

Straight to the grand finale - it was an impersonator. As TMZ already pointed out, a man presenting himself as Scott Klein Weiland, was indeed arrested, but it now turns out that it was 44-year-old Jason Michael Hurley all along.

We understand that someone is fooled for a few hours, a day or two, but this guy succeeded in fooling the cops for an entire month. Anyhow, the official Beverly Hills Police Department statement awaits below (via Loudwire).

"On Saturday, July 26, 2014, at approximately 9:34 a.m., the Beverly Hills Police Department received a call of a shoplift that had just occurred at the Rite Aid in the 400 Block of N. Bedford Drive. Police units ultimately arrested a suspect for that crime. Upon arrest, the suspect identified himself as former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland. The suspect was taken into custody for Burglary (459 P.C.) and Possession of a Controlled Substance (11377 H & S Code).

"On Thursday, August 21, 2014, Beverly Hills Police discovered through an FBI Fingerprint Return that the subject arrested was not Scott Weiland. The fingerprint return positively identified the individual as Jason Michael Hurley (44 years of age). Beverly Hills Police will be requesting an additional criminal filing on Hurley for 148.9 (a) P.C. – Furnishing False Information to a Peace Officer. Records will be updated to properly reflect this information."

So hopefully, we won't be hearing much of this any time soon. If you're interested in Scott's latest album progress update, check out the link.

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    On Thursday, August 21, 2014, Beverly Hills Police discovered through an FBI Fingerprint Return that the subject arrested was not Scott Weiland. So they didn't, you know, ask him for ID or anything between July 26 and August 21?
    Oh, and the really sad thing is, no one would have been surprised if this actually was Scott Weiland.
    That is literally like something out of a cartoon haha. I'd love to see this as Catch Me If You Can style film xD
    So all I had to do was tell them I was Scott Weiland and I wouldn't have to do all of that community service for "public nudity"? Shit.
    What kind of a human being do you have to be to impersonate f*cking Scott Weiland? Like, you walk in to steal some sh*t and the best you can come up with is "Hey, I'm SCOTT WEILAND OF THE STONE TEMPLE PILOTS!"
    When asked why he didn't come forward sooner and clear his name, the real Scott responded: "I was so high on Meth I thought I WAS the impersonator"
    I was having a horrible day... but this, THIS! made me laugh till it hurts. Non-specific diety bless the Beverly Hills Police Department! Which reminds me, I need some razors.
    Glad the American tax payers money is being spent so well.. a month for fingerprint confirmation? Yikes.
    Oh Scott. Why did you forsake stp? You guys had something so rare.