Police Report: Each Surviving Member of Adrenaline Mob 'Seriously Injured' in Bus Crash

As reported, the accident took bassist Dave Z's life.

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Police Report: Each Surviving Member of Adrenaline Mob 'Seriously Injured' in Bus Crash

The police have released a report on the state of all nine individuals involved in the bus accident that took the life of Adrenaline Mob bassist David "Dave Z" Zablidowsky.

As reported, the accident happened yesterday when a tractor-trailer veered off Interstate 75 near Micanopy, Florida and struck the band's RV that had pulled off the highway with a flat tire.

Zablidowsky was officially pronounced dead at 12:42 PM.

The report is available below via Gainesville:

- Robert Edwin Haines, 59, of Largo, driver of the 2014 semi, was not injured;

- Jason McCole, 41, of Wilksbarre, Pennsylvania, driver of the RV, was seriously injured;

- David Zablidowsky, 38, a passenger in the RV, died;

- A second passenger in the RV, Adrenaline Mob and Symphony X singer Russell Allen, 45, of New Jersey, was seriously injured;

- A third passenger, Adrenaline Mob tour manager Janet Revis, 48, of Pitts Pond, Pennsylvania, was critically injured,

- A fourth passenger, Dale Campiglia, 51, of Levittown, New York, was seriously injured;

- A fifth passenger, Robert Dressler, 45, of Plaines, Pennsylvania, was seriously injured;

- The driver a 2003 GMC Sierra, Adrenaline Mob drummer Jordan Cannata, 27, of West Babylon, New York, was seriously injured;

- The lone passenger in the GMC, Adrenaline Mob's 46-year-old guitarist Mike Orlando of Staten Island, New York, was seriously injured.

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    This is the worst news in music I've heard for while. Get better soon guys! Sending big love.
    Hope Russell Allen recovers well soon and is able to continue performing. Not a fan of Adrenaline Mob but Symphony X is one of the best bands to exist. RIP DZ
    Its always the guy who causes the accident who escapes with no injuries. Fuck you, Robert Haines, 59 of Largo.
    This is such a hard comment when you don't know for sure yet what happened. Shame on you sir.
    Good point. For all we know the truck driver could have blown a tire too (or a tire even fall off) making him swerve. Best not to say anything too stupid until the investigation is completed. In my younger days of driving i blew a tire and had to react very fast in order to not go into the ditch. I am fortunate it was a country road that wasn't busy because I could have hit someone. My condolences to everyone involved who was hurt and whether it is the truckere fault or not his life will likely be ruined as a result of this. Nobody should wish somethig like this on anyone no matter what angle you look at. This situation is just tragic
    This was about 10 years ago, but I picked my wife up from Atlanta airport and on the way back on I-71 we were behind a transfer truck that had went into a turn a little to fast. It just started slowly going to one side and then finally tipped over, and any transfer truck driver will tell you, once it starts, there is no stopping it because of the weight it hauls. It was literally like watching a movie with a slow motion wreck. We got out and seen the driver was already out because the windshield popped out. We asked if he could move and he said his back hurt to bad, then the truck caught on fire, and we all three instantly turned into Usain Bolt. I asked if he was hauling anything explosive and he said no. I then called 911, and he asked me to call his boss and let him know what happened, and I did.  Once the police arrived the truck was then burning furiously and my wife was taking care of the driver. (She is an M.A.)  All of the sudden the front tire exploded...It was so freaking loud. Not even 30 seconds after that the gas tank sprung a leak and was squirting diesel out. One cop yelled to the other and said. "Hey, there is a gas leak!' The other cop responded "It's okay. Diesel is not flammable." I got my wife and said, time to go. and we got out of there. 
    Well, technically diesel isn't flammable, it's combustible. It has a higher flash point than gasoline because it's less refined.
    Somehow I have a feeling they would have already said if it was a blown tire that caused the accident judging by the way it was worded. My guess is he fell asleep at the wheel and but I suppose we'll find out.