Police To Be Investigated Over Speed Of Ian Watkins' Arrest

Concerns have been raised that police didn't act fast enough on tips related to Lostprophets' singer Ian Watkins, who is being charged with conspiracy to rape a one-year-old baby.

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South Wales Police, who charged Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins for allegedly conspiring to rape a baby, are now under investigation themselves.

A police watchdog will decide if police acted fast enough on information relating to his charges, which also include offenses related to indecent images of children.

The IPCC which investigates police forces said that South Wales Police referred themselves for investigation (via the Mirror):

"Our investigation will determine whether or not South Wales Police failed to take appropriate and timely action in relation to information they were in receipt of in advance of Mr Watkins subsequent arrest.

"We are aware of four forces having provided South Wales Police with information but, as criminal proceedings are active, it would be inappropriate to publish further information at this time."

Watkins was arrested in December, and will reportedly plead innocent. He will next appear in court in March.

His bandmates in Lostprophets were shocked to hear of his arrest and issued this statement:

"Following charges made today against Ian Watkins, we find ourselves in a state of shock. We are learning about the details of the investigation along with you. It is a difficult time for us and our families, and we want to thank our fans for their support as we seek answers."

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    Nero Galon
    Yeah I think some of you guys found some sources of rumours dating almost a year old now pointing to some pretty weird shizz related to Ian... Doesn't look good for him :|
    Yep, there were things dating back 11 months and older (from December, when the case broke) on various sites, one being the Ian Watkins page one 'WhoDatesWho.com'. Pretty messed up stuff, too.
    Even if he is innocent, he will always be known as the guy who tried to rape a baby.
    For a moment I thought The Police (the band) were being investigated for some reason.
    Unfortunately, if he is innocent, this is the end of his career and the band in general. I do like alot of the music that Lostprophets have made, but they have been slipping for a while and their sound and style has just disappeared, not to mention that when live they sounded like they couldn't be bothered any more. I can't bring myself to listen to any of their music anymore and I dare say many of their fans feel the same.
    Just look at the investigations going down all over the UK government. This may be a sick musician, but those people are in charge of running society including children's institutions. *shudders*
    How can a person be so ****ed up? Not just saying Watkins cuz he could be innocent, but a person who does this kind of thing has to be just messed up hardcore.
    Hopefully all parties at fault will be brought to their respective justices.
    Yeah, both Ian for being who he is, and his band for thinking they make actual music.
    So he went online and was like "Yo, you know what I want to do...." Confused
    Well usually when you are found in possession of photos that allegedly show yourself and children having sex, then you have the online rumors from people saying they know women/fans who have given him their kids for the attention, and then you have an ex girlfriend who says online that he abused a 5yr old, and then you have another woman that he knew, a 20 year old single MOM who was charged for selling fake tickets and obviously needed money to repay the debt, and so happens to have her twitter stop the same day as his, you put the pieces together and it seems to be a lot more then just saying "Yo, you know what I want to do..."
    Mr Winters
    Hope he's innocent. I like Lostprophets and him as a singer.
    shouldn't you hope he is innocent because it implies that he didn't try to rape a ****ing baby? and not because you like his band?
    I think the best thing to do is remember the Ian Watkins we listened to from the music, Liberation Transmission, possibly their best album. That's how I've got over this... I have no sympathy for him if this is true, but I doubt I'll forget the classics.
    Mr Winters
    Of course. If he is guilty then he deserves to rot in prison, but I will still enjoy his music.
    Germans still enjoy the Autobahn, even if its construction was overseen by Hitler. Even monsters can do some good things. It doesn't change them as a whole, but small things can be good.
    Wow, you're pathetic - there's plenty of music to enjoy and you'll still choose to listen to his trash at this point??? Kill yourself, please.
    Mr Winters
    Yeah, I know theres plenty of music out there, but I fail to see how that means I can't listen to Lostprophets, you ****ing idiot. Fuck why are people like you even allowed to exist?
    Its subjective really. By all means keep listening to them, if not for him but for the rest of the quality musicians in the band. For me, listening to their music, then thinking about how different a person he is than what fans were lead to believe makes me sick.
    You mean people like me who don't support the products released by paedophiles? Yeah, I'm glad we existence in a greater abundance than child rape apologists like yourself, douchebag.
    I really hope you're just trolling, and not incapable of separating musical taste from defending paedophilia... in any case, you've been warned for the 'kill yourself, please' comment - tone it down, please.
    Mr Winters
    Can you explain in what way am I being a rape apologist? Maybe show me where I defended Ian Watkins?
    conspiring to rape a baby? sounds like a baby joke, like "whats the difference between a porsche and a pile of dead babies? i don't have a porsche in my garage."
    This is disgusting. Google "motherless nastynasty" and see for yourself. I think he's gay too?
    Really wish I hadn't done that and found the page (motherless is the website, and nastynasty is his username... it's very graphic )
    Michael Stewart
    Wtf???? I thought I was gonna see a chatroom thing with stuff He's typed.not him getting butt rammed and giving bjs. How could he get away with that and not get caught?
    Lost Prophets are a great band, and he was a great vocalist, but it doesn't change the fact he's a psycho pedo who needs to be locked up...very sad times we are living in.
    Will we make a mark this time? Will we always say we tried? Well Ian I guess we've found the meaning of your lyrics...