Politician Proposes $25 Fine For Singers Who Mess With National Anthem

Indiana state senator Vaneta Becker is proposing a bill to fine performers who mess with the national anthem.

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From Christina Aguilera to Roseanne, people have been screwing up "The Star-Spangled Banner" for decades. That surely irks some Americans, but others really get really furious when performers alter words (like Steven Tyler's "Home Of The Indianapolis 500!") or add in those extraneous melodic flourishes.

Besides creating YouTube fodder, all these reworkings have really ticked off one patriot in particular: Indiana state senator Vaneta Becker. How angry is she, you ask? Enough that she's proposing a bill to fine performers who mess with the national anthem.

"Sometimes it's just done in a joking manner, but I don't think the national anthem is something we ought to be joking around with," Becker told the Star Press, referring to a case where the lyrics were changed in a school's parody version. The politician is proposing a $25 fine for anyone who intentionally changes the words or strays from the original melody. On top of that, the law would be strictly enforced in schools, which would be required to record every performance - for two years!

"I don't think it would be very difficult for schools," she said. "You could record it on a lot of cellphones or like a small recording device [or] a CD."

Even though Becker is calling on state resources to fix this national crisis, she isn't out to fine singers who are melodically challenged or forget the words (ahem, Christina Aguilera). In that case, we're guessing she's not a fan of Jimi Hendrix's classic ripping of the banner at Woodstock.

Check out our list of the worst "Star-Spangled Banner" performances below and let us know what you think of the proposed bill.

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    Nice to see politicians working to resolve the big issues in the world these days...
    Yep, cos nothing put's multi-millionaire artists and performers from expressing themselves like a $25 fine Tards
    Isn't America great? We have so much freedom. Until of course, one of those freedoms offends someone from Indiana, in which case we all decide that freedom sucks. No one even likes the National Anthem anyways.
    Doesn't that COMPLETELY violate the 1st amendment? It might be a matter of tone and not lyrics. But somehow I still think this would violate it. Thanks for wasting everyone's time and money on this GARBAGE bill. It's not even corrupt, but politicians like this need to be removed from office quickly. There are far more important things to deal with.
    This article is stupid on so many levels. You guys care to list them for me?
    Well, to be honest Rosanne was a bit much... That may explain why no one asked her to repeat the performance.
    i thought Steven Tyler was going to play the theme to Roseanne when i first started the video
    Perhaps a reason why women shouldnt be involved in politics? hmm... Either way, as far as I know, the "NATIONAL ANTHEM" isnt copyrighted or anything... so anyone could just rip off the melody replace the words, etc etc etc. without any repercussions. Plus, whats really to decide if your "messing" with it anyway? if someone forgets the words, changes a word, or mixes up the order of verses, do they get fined for being "stupid"? God what a waste of time... the economies in the shitter right now and our politicians are pushing bills for an Andrew Jackson and a Lincoln? cmon... unless the fines a few grand its not even worth discussing. In short. F*ck. It.
    I'll agree that a LOT of people have seriously ran the Star Spangled Banner into the ground but, this chick sounds like those people that complained about Jimi Hendrix's version at Woodstock, and THAT is a CLASSIC!!!
    This is nothing more than ignorance. Like Iblis92 said, The Star Spangled Banner (A.K.A. the National Anthem) isn't under any sort of copywrite law, thus it can be altered or copied at the artists will. There is nohing this woman can do, or say, to change that. On a second note, unless the artist is bringing discrace to America, or provocing something like terrorism, then there is no reason to complain. This woman needs to shut the hell up untill she pulls the stick from her ass.
    This reminds me of Futurama when Zoidberg eats the "Earthican" flag and everyone goes after him. If its altered but still delivered in a tasteful manner, it should be right to do so. Singing your national anthem is showing your love for your country, and you should be able to show it anyway you can. I'm an Australian, I wouldn't have even known or cared about Star-Spangled Banner if it wasn't for the altered version done by one Jimi Hendrix. And frankly, that was mind blowing.
    Even though Becker is calling on state resources to fix this national crisis,
    national crisis...?
    We all hate our national anthem here in the UK, its only the deluded patriots that dont. I think people in the US take patriotism too seriously, and thats why things like this happen.