Pop Stars Metal T-Shirts Available For Sale

Justin Bieber, ABBA and Celine Dion get their own metal t-shirts.

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Now here's what we call a creative idea - combining that brutal metal t-shirt look with some of the most popular pop names of today. The outcome? 'Metal tees for soft rock fans', or soft-metal as the authors call it - black metal t-shirts with the likes of Justin Bieber, ABBA and Celine Dion printed on them.

Imagine the faces of your metalhead friends if you showed up wearing one of these. What's also funny is that the t-shirts actually have some wicked artwork, as you can see below.

"Scratching your head at the headline? That's the idea. The clever artists behind soft-metal create artwork that would be at home on any Megadeth album, but attach it to artists like Justin Bieber, ABBA, and Celine Dion. Screen-printed onto American Apparel mens T-shirts, these are wickedly funny, high-concept tees".

Project coordinator David Ward says it's all about 'fusing the black metal heart with the love of soft hits'.

"As a child, my parents forced me to listen to AOR in the car - all the time. Now, I have the perfect shirt to fuse my black metal heart with their love of soft hits."

The t-shirts come with a price of $30 plus shipment and are available over at Fab.com in various sizes.

So how do you like the t-shirts? And would you consider actually buying one of these? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Never thought ABBA could be so brutal.
    Insanity ninja
    Whenever you post, there's at least one comment about boobs appears... But I can understand why.
    I think they're making fun of "soft rock" bands, as they call them.
    It's funny that you had to clarify this to all these people that couldn't seem to understand this. How could people not see that this is a joke? Seriously, think about it. Some people actually could not understand that these shirts are a joke. That's just... strange.
    I've seen more of these on another website (actually ages ago). There was a brilliant Barry White t-shirt. Not sure if it's the same guy but it probably is. These Are absolutely epic, no question
    I've seen a really brutal Phil Collins one somewhere. Some might find it.
    I actually love Phil Collins and metal, so that would have been the perfect t-shirt if only for the comedy value.
    So bizarre. I want one of Elton John, his face would actually look creepy on a shirt like these.
    I think its cool as long as metal starts getting a better image
    its not though, because there are always going to be those dumb kids who will think metal bands are the ones who ripped the popstars off. Kinda like how black veil brides fans think HIM copied bvb's cover of rebel yell -__-
    Do a Taylor Swift one with some kind of psychopathic hellfire demon or something on it.
    Even if you're a fan of said bands I can see the joke wearing off really quick. It might shock you or other people and be funny the first time, but the second, third and fourth... This is throwaway stuff. I certainly wouldn't buy it. Also, 30 bucks? Come on...
    Kenny G would be effin hilarious! Or acts like Wham, Michael Bolton, etc. Just something off the norm.