Porcupine Tree: New Release To Help Mick Karn's Cancer Fight

artist: Porcupine Tree date: 06/18/2010 category: music news
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Porcupine Tree have released a special live digital album to help raise money for Mick Karn's cancer fight. Here is the announcement: "Atlanta", a complete 2 hour live performance from Porcupine Tree's Fear Of A Blank Planet tour, is now available as a download from the PT Store. The show was recorded and mixed to the usual PT standards in order to provide material for a planned live album, but when the decision was taken to film much of the same repertoire in Holland for a major DVD release instead, the Atlanta recording ended up back in the vault. Now PT have now decided to make it available in complete form as a download only release to raise funds for Mick Karn's treatment for cancer. Although the repertoire is similar to that on the Anesthetize DVD, the performance has its own atmosphere, and also includes the first ever officially released live recording of "A Smart Kid". The mp3s are high quality 320kbps files, and there is a break between tracks 8 and 9 in case you want to burn your own 2 CD set, for which Carl Glover has also provided CD artwork. Please note that all Porcupine Tree's profits from the sale of the Atlanta download will go directly to the Mick Karn Appeal. Get it here. Thanks for the report to antiMusic.com.
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