Porcupine Tree on Indefinite Hiatus

"It could be more than 10 years before Porcupine Tree reform," says leader Steven Wilson who wants to focus on his solo project.

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Porcupine Tree are on indefinite hiatus, according to band leader Steven Wilson, and it could be another 10 years before they record together again.

He wants to focus on his solo project which recently released the album "The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories)," which means Porcupine Tree and his other band Blackfield have to take a back seat.

While Blackfield can continue with singer Aviv Geffen taking charge of songwriting, Wilson says Porcupine Tree is different.

"It can't really happen without me instigating it, being the main writer and director," he tells Something Else reviews. "I don't have time in my life to do that and do what I'm doing now. I guess I have made the decision, right now, to concentrate on the solo career."

"That's not to say the band has broken up or anything like that. It's always conceivable that we could get back together in a year or five years, or 10 years. I really can't say - there are no plans at the moment."

It could also be because Wilson wants to move into scoring movies, as revealed in an exclusive UG interview.

"My biggest unfulfilled ambition is to do a movie soundtrack. I have an agent now in LA, finally," he told us in February. "That's pretty much top of my list of unfulfilled goals right now."

Will you miss hearing new material from Porcupine Tree, or does Steven's new solo project fill the hole in your heart? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Sensual Lettuce
    As much as I love Steven's solo work, I hope there is more Porcupine Tree material to look forward to. Also I would watch the shit out of any movie with a Steven Wilson soundtrack!
    As long as Steven continues to make music, I'll support him no matter what group he's with.
    I haven't heard his latest album, but Insurgentes and Grace for Drowning were miles better than The Incident, so I guess this doesn't bother me too much.
    I really enjoy his latest album, very jazz fusion-ish / King crimson-ish. It's a pretty fun record, I would recommend checking it out.
    I'm actually not a fan of Grace for Drowning at all, never really got into it. The newest one is fantastic, but none of them can hold a candle to FOABP/Deadwing/In Absentia/Lightbulb Sun
    I strongly prefer and would recommend Raven, but didn't care that much for most of Insurgentes. But like you said, The Incident was pretty lackluster as well.
    Wilson's solo work is amazing, and I reckon if PT to come back they'll be coming back with a huge bang.
    SW has been saying exactly the same thing in every interview since Grace For Drowning came out. it's been a hiatus for close to two years now
    im not mental
    i don't really listen to porcupine tree as much as i used to, but deadwing was one of my major obsessions in high school. this is kind of a bummer.
    I think it should work in favour of band dynamics and creativity. PT have put out so much quality material to last a lifetime in any case Also, SW's solo projects are mind-blowing!
    I honestly like Porcupine Tree more than his solo work, but at least I still have something great to look forward to.
    Honestly, I think solo work should be a side project. The collective efforts of the band members really shows all of their talent.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Its a little disappointing, but like others have said, as long as he is still making music. I'm a huge PT fan but for some reason I've never checked out Wilson's solo stuff. Looks like I've got some catching up to do!
    yay, more time for Wilson/Akerfeldt collaborations that could never be recreated by any human (including themselves) on the planet because it's so complex.
    I think the point of Storm Corrosion was to get away from the technical prog metal sound of Opeth and PT and do something more simplistic, yet orchestral.
    Of course you are most probably right and I have no problem with any of it. Put both bands and their collaborative work into a category and just call it DIFFERENT. and different is good. No complaints here, both men are extremely musically minded and it brings out a level of genius that it very difficult to rival. Put them together and you get something brilliant. Same thing applies to solo work. This isn't a disappointing headline to me, it's an exciting one because we'll all get something fresh. Good luck to the man. He will not disappoint.
    Joey Radical
    Raven that refused to sing > any PT album. I think Wilson's SGT Pepper is yet to come.
    Not true. However I did enjoy Grace for Drowning and Raven (was kind of meh about Insurgentes).
    Can't say I'm surprised...They haven't done anything since The Incident... I think I like his solo stuff better anyways..
    Thrice Capades
    Never heard of this band in my life, so I'm a little surprised to see so many of you disappointed. But I can take a hint...somebody recommend an album or some tracks and I'll give a listen.
    Try In Absentia, has a nice mix of (most) of their styles!
    My favourite albums are Lightbulb Sun, Deadwing and Fear Of A Blank Planet. Some really good songs on In Absentia too!
    Holy shit, we have Mars Volta, Alex is on Fire, My Chemical Romance, and Porcupine Tree all call it quits in ONE year! The music industry/earth's cultural output just increased in quality one hundred-fold!~ Now if only the following bands would go away stat: - Opeth - Coheed AND Cambria (both guys, no solo careers) - Dream Theater (Unless Portnoy returns) - High on Fire - Foo Fighters We can all sleep easier.
    Just because Opeth made a record that sounded like Mike was on acid doesn't mean you can write them off. The music gods have weeded out some right old shite this year though (thank ****). I'll sleep easier after your comment
    This is about money, pure and simple. He just hijacked all of PTs fans and takes a bigger slice of the pie. On an artistic note I was already thinking Raven sounds like songs that didn't quite make the cut for Grace for Drowning. He needs to get back with PT before he lays a real egg. I think the first two were beyond great but if I were trying to indoctrinate a friend into SW/PT I would not give them Raven. Raven is ok...but it's a step down.
    Only about 50% of the people who went to porcupine tree shows go to see him now, according to wilson. To say it's about money is just dumb. Also, you are wrong about the Raven album
    I was under the impression it was because he had to compromise his artistic vision and take input from other band members, because that's how a band works. He feels like he wants control over the songwriting entirely, which is understandable, and this is only possible with his solo project.
    In this genre, I'm going to say what money? :| He's not exactly Ozzy Osbourne for fame is he. I don't even see PT as a "rich" band. He's hardly going to ride his PT coat tails to the penthouse at the Hilton as a solo artist is he? You mong.
    I agree about raven being sub standard. It sounded like he tried way too hard =[
    I think this is all about the money. He just hijacked PTs fan base and gets a bigger cut of the royalties/ticket sales. Pure and simple. On an artistic note this saddens me as I think Raven shows his bag of solo tricks are starting to come up empty. He needs to get back with PT before he lays a complete egg.
    I think it's the right decision as well. Liked their solo albums more than any PT stuff, mostly.
    Ah damn. I really like SW his solo-work but I was also hoping on a PT-tour, not necessarily a new album but just a tour. You know, just for some variation for the members of PT and so I can see them again. But I know that when they'll come back, they'll come BIG. Like QOTSA/Tool big, that much anticipation.
    his solo project is as beautiful as porcupine tree, as long as he continues his solo project, no problems for me
    I don't know Porcupine Tree very well, but I loved Storm Corrosion and The Raven that Refused to Sing. I'll check it out more later.
    This makes me very sad, I love Porcupine Tree and Blackfield. I do enjoy the solo stuff though, Steven Wilson's last tour was fantastic. I do hope PT reform at some point in the near future, they got my housemate and I through so much coursework! Looking forward to seeing SW in October
    Good on Steven for pursuing his artistic cravings. I still hope Porcupine Tree will return soon, though. While I really enjoyed Raven and Grace for Drowning (I'd be lying if I said I didn't dislike Insurgentes), Porcupine Tree will always take the cake for me.
    I find this very tragic. Porcupine Tree has been one of my favorite bands since I first heard them 7 years ago. This is one of the few modern bands I respect. I can only hope he changes his mind.
    I really don't like Raven at all - the album gave me absolutely nothing. That said, I wouldn't want a new PT album just for the sake of it without SW wanting to do it wholeheartedly. Plus, this hiatus-thing is nothing new at all, after the last two big concerts of the Incident Tour (one of that became the live album "Octance Twisted"), they announced this big break...he just constantly has to answer the same question in every new interview. The only thing one could recognize over time is his somewhat shrinking respect for the other PT members...
    As long as he plays classic PT songs regularly in his solo shows, I don't care when they reunite.
    Really sad that PT is over for now but can't say I'm surprised. SW's solo albums have inevitably taken him in a different direction to the way PT would have headed. Our tastes and interests change and develop through time and, obviously, SW felt he needs a new vehicle to express himself. Raven is great but not how PT would have developed so i rest may case. Sincerely hope that we are in for a mind-blowing reunion in a few years time.
    I think a lot of the music on "The Raven..." could just as easily have been on a PT album. It's in a similar vein to a lot of The Incident and FOABP. The main difference which really is apparent after seeing SW live in March is the quality of the band. Marco and Gavin are equal, I like Barbieri's contribution more Holzman but Guthrie and Nick Beggs add so much and also free up SW to go off in different directions and Theo Travis adds a whole new dimension. Personally I love PT and have seen them 6/7 times but I am really excited and inspired by what SW is doing right now. I can take or leave Blackfield but I do hope that there is another No Man record in the pipeline at some stage.