Portishead's Beth Gibbons Covers Black Sabbath as 'Black Sabbeth'

She sings on the new version of the song by stoner metal band Gonga.

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Portishead's Beth Gibbons has covered Black Sabbath's 1971 song "Black Sabbath" as "Black Sabbeth."

As NME reports, the track, which you can hear by clicking below, via Spin, is by Bristol based stoner rock band Gonga and features Gibbons on vocals. Meanwhile, back in February, Adrian Utley of Portishead said that the band members were "clearing our schedules" in order to work on their fourth album.

Speaking at By:Larm Festival in Oslo he commented: "We're clearing our schedules so we can get on with it, otherwise it will be another 10 years," referencing how busy the members of the band are with other projects. Utley added that he had recently discussed plans for the follow-up to 2008's "Third" with Geoff Barrow, saying: "We were both really enthusiastic, and enthusiasm counts for a lot in Portishead world."

Portishead will headline the Electric Picnic festival this year alongside Outkast and Beck. The three-day festival, held in the Stradbally Estate in County Laois, Ireland, runs from August 29-31. Other artists set to appear on the line-up include Foals, Pet Shop Boys and Paolo Nutini.

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    this is the worst article I have ever read. Its starts with saying that Beth Gibbons has covered Black Sabbath, then it states that its actually Gonga and she is just singing. Then it says that Adrian Utley (someone who has nothing to do with the cover altogether) says Portishead are about to do something. Then it starts talking about a festival.
    Meh, its good but its just identical to the original. I personally don't like note for note covers, just seems a bit pointless.
    It's not note for note. The guitar solos are different. Not THAT much different note wise, but it carries a different feeling
    The music is great so far, very very close to the original, but the vocals IMHO suffer from a total lack of energy.
    Eh, I usually love covers, but that's a tough song to cover. Was ok, but it wasn't haunting enough.
    Even though beth has a great voice and sounds amazing with portishead,this cover sounds pretty weak on vocals, her singing on this song remiands me of emmily autumn wich if of course not a tone that could complement Heavy Metal melodie IMO