Pre-GN'R Axl Rose Demo Surfaces Online

Supposedly the first recording Rose ever made found its way online. The year was 1983 and the band was called Rapidfire.

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Four years before Guns N' Roses unleashed their monster debut album "Appetite for Destruction," singer Axl Rose was a member of an LA band called Rapidfire. And now, 30 years later, group's former guitarist Kevin Lawrence posted a rare recording the band made with the founding member of GN'R.

Titled "Ready to Rumble," the track was recorded on May 25, 1983, and shows the side of Axl's voice we are mostly unfamiliar with.

Far from the high notes the vocalist has got us used to over the years, the song features Axl singing in a lower range, making his voice almost unrecognizable. It is only at the end of the clip where the signature high-pitched Rose howl can be heard.

The song is supposedly the first studio recording Rose had ever made. According to Brave Words, just three days later, on May 28, 1983, Axl performed with Rapidfire at Gazzarri's nightclub in Los Angeles where he was noticed by guitarist Slash for the first time. Four years later, Guns N' Roses have propelled to rock 'n' roll superstardom.

Apart from Rose on vocals and Lawrence on guitar, Rapidfire also featured bassist Mike Hamernik and Chuck Gordon on drums. You can check out the band's entire story here.

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    Great voice, but enough of that. Prepare to be sued
    IMO sounds better than his GNR voice
    It's a lower register than most GnR stuff, so that might be it. I quite like it. Unfortunately, higher vocals just cut through the mix so much better in a live setting that the vast majority of rock singers tend to live in the upper register. I can't make a judgement on such a short snippet, but we can only hope to hear more of his lower vocals in future GnR material.
    This thing is finally coming out? They've been trying to release it for years, but Axl keeps telling them, "lol nope LAWYERS".
    imagine if Paul Di'Anno had skill. That's what this sounds like.
    C'mon bro, Di'Anno aint that bad. He's got a unique punkish-voice which fits in perfectly with the first Maiden album, though on the second album, which has a more melodic sound, Di'Annos obvious shortcomings as a vocalist become apparent. I personally dislike hearing Bruce sing songs from the first album, just doesn't sound right.