President Obama Thinks Led Zeppelin 'Still Rock'

Band honored at White House by the President.

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Led Zeppelin have been honored for their contribution to American culture and the arts, with tributes to the band being led by none other than President Barack Obama. The group, along with actor Dustin Hoffman and TV personality David Letterman were recipients of this year's Kennedy Centre Honors.

Obama gave the following tribute:

"When Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham burst onto the musical scene in the late 1960s, the world never saw it coming,"

"There was this singer with a mane like a lion and a voice like a banshee, a guitar prodigy who left people's jaws on the floor, a versatile bassist who was equally at home on the keyboards, a drummer who played like his life depended on it,"

"It's been said that a generation of young people survived teenage angst with a pair of headphones and a Zeppelin album ... but even now, 32 years after John Bonham's passing - and we all I think appreciate the fact - the Zeppelin legacy lives on."

The president thanked band for not trashing the White House, given their history of "hotel rooms being trashed and mayhem all around" before concluding: "we honor Led Zeppelin for making us all feel young, and for showing us that some guys who are not completely youthful can still rock!"

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    I smiled while reading this. LED ZEPPELIN
    Yeah, me too. I hope the whole world, organisations and goverments get togheter and give them recognition behind recognition to put them together again ... cause they still rock!
    I have to agree with Obama.
    He's got my vote
    He's got mine and I don't even live in America. It seems me and this Obama chap have at least one thing in common though and it's probably the best thing to have in common; Zeppelin fans.
    One thing I have noticed about Obama is that he tends to take his time to think about things before he says them. This video is no different. Say what you will, but I think the US could be far worse off than having Obama as president.
    Dear USA, When you've finished with Obama, please can we have him? Thanks, UK
    We need him the most, thus we have priority. Obama Portugal needs YOU *insert uncle sam image*
    Yes, he can magically make your unemployment go from 20% to 40% in less than 2 years. He's amazing.
    I guess you're completely oblivious to the similar problems faced almost everywhere else in the world, in places where Obama has little-to-no influence then...
    Sammy Mantis
    Hell, you can take him now!
    Agreed! This is my favorite thing Obama has done in office. Forget hail to the chief. HAIL TO ZEPPELIN!!! Although it doesn't matter if u like the man's politics or not, any person in his position would do the same.
    Obama knows him some kickass rock and roll \M/,! Please don't make this political UG. A president's job is more than governing, it's also being a good face for the government. And endorsing Zeppelin is a good face. Now shut it.
    Not going to lie, he stared right into my soul the end of that video.
    ..and thousands of young Americans probably said "what's a Led Zeppelin?" Anyway, this is really cool to see a rock band being honored by the president. They have probably influenced American culture more than they realize.
    Next up on UG- a bunch of ignorant people talking about things that have no relevance. Obama digs Zeppelin? Cool.
    When Ryan said he was a rock fan, you idiots bashed him because he wasn't on your team (Democrat). When your dear leader reads a tele-prompter speach some professional speach writer wrote for him about Led Zeppelin, you all swoon like 12 year olds at a Bieber concert. You libs are a gullible, and effeminate lot.
    This is just awesome. Just one more reason Obamas good in my book. Zeppelin will live forever.
    And now imagine Mitt Romney giving this speech
    Josh Reubenking
    Romney: "These guys have my respect because they make so much money. Not quite as much as me, but enough."
    Folks around here would proclaim Led Zepplin "Republikaaaannss!!" and call for them to be burned at the stake.
    Doesn't even make sense. Try harder next time.
    Don't know what to tell ya. Its a complete sentence written in the best English public education can buy. I'd recommend trying harder with reading comprehension.
    The joke.... the joke doesn't make sense. There is normally some semblance of truth in a joke.