Professor Rewards Student for Using GWAR on Exam

You can only wish your professor was as cool as this guy.

Ultimate Guitar

Possibly making himself the coolest guy in the education system, an unnamed professor decided to reward his student for using GWAR during one of the exams.

Student Miles B. happened to be a Metal Sucks reader and immediately sent the photo of his exam sheet to the editorial, along with a brief note: "I got this test back from my professor on Tuesday and thought it was cool he did this."

As the photo below shows, the bonus question asked "Who built the pyramids?" offering funny answers to begin with. But after Miles added GWAR as an extra answer and circled it, the professor noted:

"With the help of King Diamond? Best answer so far!" along with a doodle of late frontman Oderus Urungus.

In related news, we suggest checking out this epic video of Oderus, Phil Anselmo and a few other prominent metal dudes rocking out to Slayer's "Angel of Death," it's pretty much the most metal thing ever.

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    seems like something he probably drew on there himself for bragging rights on the internet
    Looks like a basic exam for an anthropology class focusing on religion and culture specifically. Anthro professors usually have the best sense of humor. Also, he at least got #6 correct.
    Obviously a gag question, but still, I give him kudos for having a sense of humor and his musical preferences.
    "pretty much the most metal thing ever". except the group selfie at the end of the vid which was pretty much the most precious thing ever.
    Is that seriously a university level exam?
    Sleeping in
    I always assume these are fake so I look at how realistic the questions are. Really? Who built the pyramids? Aliens, Egyptians or George Bush? I'd love this to be true but I'm calling "bullcrap".
    EPIC TEST!!! He should save that test to show it to his grandkids!
    Wow.... WHO CARES. As if THAT made it to a news article. SAD. I drew a dick on my friends book 15 years ago, where the f**k is my news article.
    Im willing to bet he did it himself. If you compare the writing in black to the writing in green, both the 'r's and 'a's look the same. And thats an odd way to write an 'r' to begin with
    disagree. The green pen w is significantly more curved and the green pen r looks like a single stroke where the black pen r looks like two.
    Its a thing where he had to match up pictures on the left with the related word on the right. The bonus question was clearly just for a laugh.