Protest the Hero Name New Drummer

Their new drummer is finally named, and it turns out to be an old and familiar friend to the band...

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Mike Ieradi has been named as the new drummer of prog metal band Protest the Hero. The band say it was tough to find a replacement for Moe Carlson who left in June so he could get back to his studies, but Ieradi knows the band from way back in their past: "We had interest and video submissions from many friends, fans, and family alike. Every single one of those submissions was wonderful - but we realised it was going to be impossible to select a drummer based on a video.

"We needed someone who we knew. Someone who we thought we wouldn’t murder and leave at the side of the road two weeks into tour. We think we have found that person in Mike Ieradi, a Canadian fella we met many moons ago." Ieradi will continue to play in his current band the Kindred, who will be supporting Protest the Hero on their upcoming tour for the album "Volition." "I'm excited to be a full-blown member of a great band with some great friends. I hope you enjoy watching me sweat my way through two sets with Protest and The Kindred. It should be a fun one!" says Ierdi. Listen to "Clarity" by Protest the Hero here:

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    You guys left out the line about how Rody's mom auditioned. It was the best part of the announcement.
    The Kindred was formerly known as Today I Caught The Plague, Pretty ****ing awesome band actually!
    Whatever keeps PTH making awesome music. These guys know enough that they wouldn't pick a drummer who couldnt handle their material so Im all for it.
    I really wonder how this will work out. I haven't heard of his other band, but hopefully he can balance time with both bands.
    They're not bad, I've only heard one song but I dig it.
    there's a link for everyone.
    I dig both bands, the only thing that puts a weird taste in my mouth is how he is in two bands now, and especially because The Kindred JUST signed to Sumerian within the last 3 months.
    Ive seen Kindred and TICTP a couple of times now. Both bands are pretty good, drummer didnt stand out to me but thats not to say he isnt great. This should be interesting.