Protest the Hero Premiere New Video 'Underbite'

Watch the new video from their hugely popular new album "Volition" right here. Meanwhile, the new album has leapt into the Billboard charts.

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Protest the Hero have released a video for "Underbite" from their widely acclaimed new album "Volition," which you can see in the player below. It's more than just a song playing from start to end, with a fun little story about a vengeful fan getting his own back on the band, all made in paper cut-out figures. Make sure you check out the whole clip to see how it plays out. Meanwhile, "Volition" has leapt into the Billboard chart on the week of its release with 11,400 copies putting it at number 20 on the chart. The album features Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler who stood in for former drummer Moe Carlson who left prior to the album recording. Since then, the band have drafted in full-time replacement Mike Ieradi. Watch “Underbite” by Protest the Hero here:

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    I wish it stuck to subtitles without voiceovers, but it's actually a pretty brilliant video. At first glance it looks like making a joke, but the video itself is actually incredibly relevant to the lyrics of the song, which is very much not funny.
    God damn i love these guys! Kezia,Fortress,Scurrilous and volition are all like godlike albums!If u haven't heard them you should totally check them out guys!
    I got to edit an interview my campus radio station CHRW did with these guys, pretty cool to be close to whats goin on
    Not really a very good music video. What if someone wanted to listen to the actual song.
    Music videos are dying off little by little, I think they're just playing around with it. But I do agree with you its not something you would send on to someone to check out the band, its far too jolted
    The hate on Youtube mostly stems from this idea. "I can't just listen to the song..." Spotify, other Youtube videos, god forbid BUYING the album are all great for that. The entire point of a music video is to give the watcher something beyond just listening to the song. I just can't wrap my brain around criticizing a music video for this. Personally, this video gets me SUPER hard.
    then don't watch the video, buy the album instead bro best album of 2013 hands down IMO, go get it and if you already own a copy buy a second in case something happens to the first.
    They hate doing music videos. Plus, what value do music videos really have these days for Metal bands?
    I love Protest the Hero and i love their humor. But i have to say, my favorite music videos from them is the ones where they take themselves a bit more serious. C'est La Vie - Spoils - Bloodmeat ect. I really hope they will put out just one serious video. Hair-Trigger was my favorite song so i was really disappointed when they released the video for Hair-Trigger
    Don't count on it, I'm pretty sure I've seen somewhere that they dislike doing serious videos, saying that they were boring as hell to make.
    Thusly, things like Heretics and Killers, Limb From Limb, Palms Read, Hair-Trigger... These guys are a riot. (I should clarify that I'm simply enforcing your statement.) Hell, even C'est La Vie was truly brilliant. Not funny, by any means, but...something more. It's my favourite, I think.
    Maybe not your cup of tea; to each his own. That said, UG is the only place not specifically dedicated to these guys that gives them anywhere near the kind of love they get here. Also, not remotely f***ing overrated.
    Rody's vocals have kinda toned down since the Kezia and Fortress days. Kind of makes me a little bummed, but I can't complain. It's ****in' PTH!
    Definitely brought more of it back from Fortress. He said he missed the variety. I wish there were more screams, but his vocals on Volition sound better than ever.
    Exactly. He's proving he can actually, earnestly sing. Clearly, he did this, already. an actual instrument in the songs? This is the best use of his range, thus far.