Protest the Hero Premiere New Video 'Underbite'

artist: Protest the Hero date: 11/08/2013 category: general music news

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Protest the Hero Premiere New Video 'Underbite'
Protest the Hero have released a video for "Underbite" from their widely acclaimed new album "Volition," which you can see in the player below. It's more than just a song playing from start to end, with a fun little story about a vengeful fan getting his own back on the band, all made in paper cut-out figures. Make sure you check out the whole clip to see how it plays out. Meanwhile, "Volition" has leapt into the Billboard chart on the week of its release with 11,400 copies putting it at number 20 on the chart. The album features Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler who stood in for former drummer Moe Carlson who left prior to the album recording. Since then, the band have drafted in full-time replacement Mike Ieradi. Watch “Underbite” by Protest the Hero here:
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