Protesters Blame Donald Trump For Queen Song Takedown

artist: Queen date: 11/20/2012 category: music news
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Protesters Blame Donald Trump For Queen Song Takedown
The clip was originally uploaded in March to protest against his plans for a $1.2 billion gold resort in Scotland. Queen guitarist Brian May gave the protesters permission to use the song freely in the protest, according to Spinner. While the protesters claimed the businessman was to blame for the video's removal, a representative for his golf club insisted that Trump couldn't care less about the song being online. That doesn't mean he wasn't offended by it. Last week, the same representative said: "This is a tired, rehashed publicity stunt which further reinforces the lack of credibility of the small group of detractors behind it... It only serves to hurt the reputation of Scotland and its people." One theory suggested that the protesters had removed the song themselves, because they plan release their version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" as a Christmas single this year - but Hazel Cameron who worked on the video insisted: "It must have come from [Trump]. He must be unhappy about the video, and he must have complained about it. We wanted to get the video back in the mainstream again and to bring more attention to what has happened." After browsing for alternative sources on Vimeo, we can reveal that the label EMI made the takedown request because it infringed on the song's copyright, despite Brian May's wish to support the protesters with free use of the song. Sometimes it's easy to attack figures like Donald Trump, but on this occasion it looks like he's been unfairly targeted. If the protesters spent five minutes on Google, they'd be able to counter the takedown from EMI rather than blame the wrong person.
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