PRS Guitars Introduces New S2 Series

New instruments offer the fit, feel, and attention to detail of PRS craftsmanship in a fresh, straightforward design.

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PRS Guitars introduce new S2 series. Instruments the S2 Mira, S2 Starla, and S2 Custom 24 offer the fit, feel, and attention to detail of PRS craftsmanship in a fresh, straightforward design.

Meaning "Stevensville 2," the S2 Series is named for a second manufacturing line created inside the PRS Stevensville, MD shop that blends new manufacturing techniques with practiced quality control and workmanship to create instruments at a new price point for players. The S2 Series will be in stores in early August and will be made up of the S2 Mira ($1,179), the S2 Starla ($1,249), and the S2 Custom 24 ($1,399).

"We are extraordinarily excited about the S2 Series. This has been a textbook example of how a very dedicated team can come together to create not only a fantastic series of guitars, but a state of the art production line to build them on. We look forward to offering this new series of guitars to an expanded artist and customer base while giving our current customers more options," said Jack Higginbotham, President, PRS Guitars.

A diverse group of artists, from indie to rock to punk, have road tested these guitars and found them to embody everything they require in an instrument. S2 Artists include Thomas Fekete from Surfer Blood, Steve Stout from Blondfire, Dave Knudson from Minus the Bear, JJ Grey from MOFRO, Isaac Ellsworth from MoneyPenny, Jesse Lawson from Sleeping with Sirens and more.

"This guitar has already changed the way I play. The sounds you can get out of it are incredible. Right out of the box at the house the Starla's were a blast. Even without an amp they're really loud and very easy to play! Probably one of the greatest things about these guitars is that they refuse to go out of tune which is HUGE. Staying in tune is such a big deal for me and having total confidence in a guitar is like having total confidence in the people you play with onstage. I can't say enough about these guitars!" - JJ Grey on his S2 Starla. This significant investment from PRS is the continuation of a long-term plan to diversify the company and its offerings both vertically and horizontally and to supply more artists and players with tools to create music.

With their retro-inspired vibe, hallmark PRS quality, and popular pricetag, the S2 Series is perhaps the strongest example of this yet from PRS. To explore the S2 Series from PRS Guitars, please visit

PRS S2 Custom 24

PRS S2 Mira

PRS S2 Starla

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    S2 Custom 24 is $1400!?!??!?!? FFFFFKYEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
    I know. Plus, the Tobacco Sunburst 24 looks amazing. Might be one of my future guitars... I'd still be waiting on reviews before jumping into these, though. While I can't imagine Paul Reed Smith would allow a new factory to make anything subpar under his name, they're still an unknown quantity at this stage.
    dude, it's not a custom 24. It's cut like the SE. You may as well buy a ce because it will actually have an archtop.
    so there is hope....I can now one day afford a new USA PRS
    bought a Custom 22 a few years back with my enlistment bonus. SOOOO worth it.
    Hahah, exactly my thoughts as well. I've been waiting SO LONG for PRS to make more affordable USA guitars.
    I love my PRS Custom 22. The fact that the new series will be a cheaper model with quality PRS features, only validates my point that I need another one in my arsenal.
    Oh god, I need that Mira. I've wanted one since I first saw them a couple years ago. I'm very picky about what double cut always I like, I've never liked SG's, but these things are SO sexy.
    Diony x
    Custom 24 is an absolute beauty!
    Yup. My playing has suffered since I got mine coz I just wanna look at it. I forget I should play it too!
    The mira and starla look awesome but the custom just looks like a se for more money. Id go for a mira though
    They look quite nice. I'd love that Starla if it didn't have a bigsby and didn't have a blade PU selector. I bet it sounds absolutely amazing. I wonder what PU's they use in these
    the curve on the top looks SH#*t the brand is getting Cheaper and cheaper soon there will be a Mexican like Fender to completely confuse the market WHAT a top level PRS guitar is..
    That's what the SE edition already is tho. The S2 seems more like the middle ground.
    it's an american made SE, look at the thing... The CE is quality at the same price point, minus the birds.
    It makes all the sense in the world for a brand like PRS to make more affordable models as almost every guitar manufacturer does. It's not like they'll halt production on their high-end customs, they'll still make those, but now they have these along with the SE line. It's a win for everybody.
    Or you can buy an american made Gibson..
    I'd like to play that Mira model to compare to an AMERICAN MADE SG Standard. happy now? And just fyi, overseas models are really catching up to American made guitars. I'm paraphrashing that from Paul Inkert. He's really nobody, just a guy who's built Eddie Van Halen a bunch of guitars he's toured with.
    No overseas guitar, or boutique guitar can compete with an American Gibson/Fender, not ever. Lie to yourselves if you have to, but it sounds worse. Japanese guitars being the obvious exception.
    Gorgeous guitars, shame lefties get royaly ****ed over when it comes to the cost.
    From my research, PRS only made 1 model of lefties & I can't find one for less than $3K. Would love a PRS but I'm not paying that much for one. Tried flipping one in a shop but kept hitting the knobs with my forearm & it wasn't comfortable.