Psy and Steven Tyler Record a Song Together

"I cried when they were singing 'Crazy,' I love my life," says K-pop sensation.

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K-pop sensation Psy officially confirmed that he has recorded a song with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. The singer dropped the big announcement during a Vogue interview as a thank you for being on the magazines's cover. "The big secret is ... I just finished recording my next song with a legendary artist, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith," he excitedly said. "When I was in middle school, I literally cried when they were singing 'Crazy' or 'Amazing' or whatever, they were my lifetime role models, and now I am collaborating with Steven Tyler, what the f--k, man? [laughs] I love my life." Psy also named Freddie Mercury as his life role model, confessing that he picked up a few showmanship tricks while watching videos of the late Queen frontman. "His songwriting skills, I cannot even approach, but his showmanship, everything I know about the stage, I learned it from his videos," he humbly said. "I had a huge rock band mania, Queen, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Guns N' Roses." The "Gangnam Style" singer recently also confirmed a collaboration with Queen guitarist Brian May. "I met the guy and we had a very interesting chat," May told MTV back in June. "He's a very thoughtful man and a significant artist. He's also encyclopedic about Queen and says the reason he wanted to sing is because he saw Queen at Wembley '86 on video. We have a couple of ideas, so yeah I'm up for it."

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    Curious to see how long PSY's popularity will last internationally.
    Honestly I thought it was over, months ago.
    You do realize that where he is from, he's huge right? The Gangnam Style craze is over but he's not exactly going anywhere.
    He was called for a Harvard commencement speech, he must be doing something decent
    He only got popular because he basically gave the US another "Macarena" and last I checked, that song is the only one people remember from that group.
    Hahahaha I remember when "Los Del Rio", the ones who sing "Macarena", came to my country to a music festival when they where on their "peak" of popularity. They left booed and in shame, because they played the Macarena, another 2 songs I believe and then the Macarena again (they ran out of songs!!!)
    is Tyler making a duck face? ( I'm aware he's been having one for years, but in this photo it seems he went all in)
    Maybe all the 13 year old girls spamming instagram are just misunderstood Aerosmith fans?
    Pope Toast
    I love Steven Tyler, but this is probably going to be awful. Good on Psy though. I don't like his stuff in the slightest, but if he's working with one of his idols it must be pretty awesome for the guy.
    This will be interesting to hear. The reaction so far to this collab has been either shock, disbelief, or horror. I'm keeping an open mind. Psy has been doing this kind of stuff for 13 years now, so I don't think it's gonna be the trainwreck that most are predicting.
    I cried when I listened to Get a Grip too. Probably for different reasons though.
    Washed up rock star who hasn't recorded relevant music since the 70's teams up with new millennium pop-utube sensation to create more useless music.....they should hook up with Miley next.....
    Millions of albums sold in the 80s, 90s, and 00s; multiple Grammy awards; playing to thousands in every corner of the world. Damn, I wish I was that irrelevant.
    The difference is some rockstars who sold a lot decades ago who aren't popular anymore don't mind being "that irrelevant", and don't feel the need to do collabs with internet celebrities.
    It's kind of a stretch to say Aerosmith is "not popular anymore." Their last album didn't sell as much as previous ones, but they still sold A LOT of 'em and they still regularly pack venues all over. 2 sold out back-to-back shows at the Garden in Boston would create a problem for your "not popular anymore" statement.
    I think the real point here isn't who's Aerosmith's teaming up with. It's the actual fact that morons around the World even like Psy. He's a joke and he's rich, he may be a joke and a tv clown, but he's smart, because he's managed to fool all those idiots who actually listen to him and give him money. I've never seen so much money been given to him for literally being stupid. Someday music will just be based on knock-knock jokes. Don't they make people laugh too? We should give all our money to that too. But don't forget to call it music.
    You're right. Psy is making music that appeals to the masses. The fact that a song actually becomes mainstream MUST mean it's a big scam to get money. Psy is an evil genius who has fooled the world into listening to music that isn't accepted by Ultimate Guitar.
    It's a ****ing SHAME that rockstars get that flirty with the "guy with a zillion youtube views" (because this is the real reason why they're after him).I hope this whole PSY thing is finally down the FUCKING drain by Christmas Oh and this is no field for "open minds", it's pure marketing strategy
    Seriously though...It's not "closed minded" at all...Tyler is literally only doing this to stay relevant (because unfortunately Aerosmith doesn't seem to be doing that for him anymore). Oh well. Not liking certain popstars seems to be a sign of closed-mindedness these days.
    Gotta love PSY, the best thing about him is he creates/writes all his own music and lyrics, unlike alot of other contemporary popstars. But, saying that alot of k/j-pop is very good musically and lyrically, even if it's produced for the artist, especially in comparison to western pop
    "Gotta love PSY" I don't. Is there even 1% of the population who knows what the lyrics to Gungnam style are?
    Honestly, if any of us got asked to record a song with our favourite bands we'd be tripping over each other to get in the studio. Fair play to the lad, and at least he'd have had a blast regardless of how the end song turns out (Although Boston Blues/K-pop's definitely a combo that's not been tried before!)
    Also, Psy does free concerts in S. Korea pretty often. I don't see very many big North American artists doing that.
    Even though I'm not a huge PSY fan I'm kinda surprised at how humble and honest he is, I mean people will still be bitching and moaning about Gangnam Style, but the guy now is collaborating with his fav artists so good for him I guess.
    As long as 12 year olds around the world don't play it everywhere they go for a whole month treating it like it's the best ever song since Bohemian Rhapsody (I'm looking at you Gungnam Style), I'm open to see what is undoubtedly going to be an interesting collaboration.
    Did anyone seriously think Gangnam was the best song since Bohemian Rhapsody? I thought people just played it cause it was ridiculous and fun, and something of a meme at the time.
    Oh ffs... does Tyler really need to be doing THIS to stay relevant??
    say what you want about Psy, or Steve Tyler, or Brian May, but isnt this what MUSIC is supposed to be about? The guy said these american rockstars were his idols growing up and now he not only gets to meet them but collaborate and make music together even though they may not be the same genre. Ok maybe its a grab at relevance for Tyler, or maybe he could care less what YOU think of him and is doing this simply for the fact that its a musical collaboration with an international superstar (Yes that right, superstar) who still looks up to the rock legends. Will i like the music? probably not. Will Psy and Tyler like it, absolutely. So f*** you, F*** me, they will do it and love it
    What does PSY have to do with MUSIC??? Dude is famous for making a funny video, nothing more.
    I think he and some people would consider it good music more than a funny video. K-Pop is huge in some countries. Each to their own
    For me, it's about two rock icons pandering to the lowest pop common denominator. They've both earned the right to do what they want with their careers and with whomever they want but just because they can doesn't mean they should. Yes, music should be collaborative by its very nature but there's a difference between someone with Steven Tyler's back catalogue of music collaborating with, say, Chris Cornell and collaborating with Rebecca Black. Hell, I can even understand him working with Carrie Underwood more than I can understand this. And don't you find it a little odd that this guy's supposed idols growing up were, in part, musicians from a country he ultimately hated/hates?
    The "Gangnam Style" singer recently also confirmed a collaboration with Queen guitarist Brian May.
    Now that I'm excited for.
    I think he is alright. He is at least grateful for his success which puts him a couple steps above most radio musicians.
    Yeah, I'm sure he's quite grateful. I'm sure every doucher pop star that's ever existed has been very "grateful." Pah, buncha shallow, money-grubbing sacks of shit is what they are.
    Screw the haters, that Korean dude is awesome. His music might be far from original and/or revolutionary but those videos he releases are pretty damn hirarious. Also, his English is immaculate and he doesn't seem to be taking himself too seriously... I don't think his country could have a better ambassador
    Man...I don't know who looks worse these days, Steven Tyler or Keith Richards... That being said I didn't think I could lose any more respect for ST... he proved me wrong. just my two cents.
    Seriously, the fact that idea even came up makes me want to vomit. Call him hilarious and funny and a good guy and whatever. I don't deny it and I believe it. But to say that what he does is music is just bullshit. I'm only 21, but if there's something I do agree with older people is that musicians in their days actually worked for the money they earned. Today all you have to do is make people laugh or write a lame love song for teenagers who can't control their hormones and you earn millions. I know there are exceptions and not everything is shit, but thanks to the people who actually inhabit this planet, most music released is just ****ing revolting. Call me jelous, but I really don't care much for music, but I do care for those who work to the bone to see their children healthy, while on the other side we have many people like Psy making all that money for dancing strange on TV and calling it music. Thing is, I blame the ignorant monkeys who watch and give their money as much as those who take it.
    Psy is currently circling the drain and soon his "gangnam style" will be tossed into the jokey-one hit wonders bin. I like the idea of a popstar coming from overseas, especially Korea because its more unexpected. Something about him being from overseas makes it appear more deserving. I just can't get into it though, its not my thing at all. I absolutely despise dance music(white people play rock music because they can't dance right) and in truth I would probably rather hear Lady Gaga on the radio because at least shes melodic.
    the other major colaborations Tyler made that i listened were great, with Run DMC and Santana. i am keeping an open mind on this one.
    Run DMC and Santana aren't exactly youtube one hit wonders though...
    I lived in Korea, Psy has been popular since the 80's. He's not going anywhere any time soon.
    Cool guy, catchy song. I would die if I had the chance to sing in Tylers presence, let alone with him!