Psychotic Waltz Are Back

artist: Psychotic Waltz date: 09/20/2010 category: music news
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Four-fifths of the original lineup of Psychotic Waltz, the cult early 1990s progressive metal band from El Cajon, California, has reunited. Psychotic Waltz 2010 is : * Devon Graves (a.k.a. Buddy Lackey) - Vocals * Brian McAlpin - Guitar * Steve Cox - Guitar * Ward Evans - Bass * Norman Leggio - Drums Original guitarist Dan Rock is not taking part in the reunion and is being replaced by Steve Cox, who previously played with Psychotic Waltz on the band's 1996 tour. Psychotic Waltz's last studio album, "Bleeding", was released in 1996. Scott Burns engineered the effort, which was mixed by Dan Rock and Woody Barber. In the years that followed Psychotic Waltz's demise, Rock recorded two instrumental albums with his project Darkstar. In the meantime, Norm Leggio and Steve Cox created the band Teabag, while Buddy Lackey launched his own group, Deadsoul Tribe, where he performs using his real name, Devon Graves. Thanks for the report to
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