Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Becomes First Video To Hit One Billion Views On YouTube

K-pop star continues to break YouTube records, reaching 1 billion views in just about 6 months.

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Psy's 'Gangnam Style' has become the first video to rack up one billion views on YouTube, according to NME.

The K-pop star's song reached the milestone on Friday December 21, just 27 days after it conquered Justin Bieber's 'Baby' to become the most-watched video of all time. According to Billboard figures, it has been watched over 6.5 million times per day since overtaking Bieber - or, alternatively, has been (and still is) viewed roughly 76 times per second. By the time you've finished reading this article, it'll receive another 3,500 views.

Psy, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, has had worldwide success with 'Gangnam Style' and has sold more than 4 million copies around the globe. He also bagged the first UK Number One by a Korean artist. Join millions (soon billions) across the world, by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking to view the most-watched video on YouTube ever.

Earlier this year, meanwhile, the high-octane video broke YouTube's record for the 'most liked' video ever on the site after hitting over 2,234,180 likes. Guinness World Records reported that the video overshadowed LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem', which had 1,574,963 likes, as well as Justin Bieber's 'Baby' which had 1,327,147 likes and Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep' with its 1,245,641 likes.

US President Barack Obama is also a fan, after Psy claimed that the politician had told him that he likes to do the 'Gangnam Style' dance at home - even though it embarrasses his family. The pair met at a fundraising gig in Washington despite Psy having to apologise days beforehand after it was revealed the singer threatened to kill Americans in 2002.

The musician was revealed to have expressed anti-American views at a performance 10 years ago, following the death of two Korean girls who were run over by a US military vehicle.

Video footage from the time of Psy's protest showed him smashing a model of a US tank into a stage. Two years later he joined a group of other artists onstage to perform the song 'Dear America', written by South Korean metal band NEXT.

The lyrics of the song are reported to include the lines: "Kill those Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/Kill those Yankees who ordered them to torture/Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers/Kill them slowly and painfully".

The rapper has since issued a full apology for the lyrics, saying that he "understands the sacrifices American servicemen and women have made to protect freedom and democracy in my country and around the world".

Psy went on to tell the Hollywood Reporter that he is currently recording a full-length album. He said: "I want everybody's attention."

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    "Psy's 'Gangnam Style' has become the first video to rack up one billion views on YouTube, according to NME." No, according to Youtube's view counter.
    I personally don't understand all the hate this song gets, and anyone who feels the need to complain and moan about any music is just plain idiotic - If you don't like something, don't listen to it, it's as simple as that. I happen to quite like it. It's catchy, a bit out of the ordinary, and is just overall a very fun song. Maybe it's overplayed, but that's just the nature of this kinds of trends in the pop music industry. I was actually reading the other day that with the view count on YouTube, if you multiply the video length by that number, it's been watched for roughly 8000 years!
    That's the point of K-Pop. It's a completely different culture. Yes, modern pop has been watered down to "look at the pretty colours", but Eastern popular culture has always been ridiculous and in your face.
    That's such a bad video for 1 billion views. Still, I'm glad it beat Bieber.
    As a metalhead and rock fan, i actually like that this one-hit wonder, gangnam style annihilates all the popshit wannabe singers out there. It's humor, I view it as a big slap and a "f#ck you i own you b*tch*s" to the modern music.
    yea i dont get the hate sorrounding it. its a funny and absurd video and the lyrics are telling a girl that he might not have looks but she should consider him for his personality - sure beats anything nikki minaj shits out.
    I get how people would like this, it is catchy. However, I am baffled as to why it is THIS particular song... I mean, there are plenty of other songs that are similar to this music-wise, why not one of them? Is it just because it's in another language or because there's a dance or because the video's so wacky?
    I fail to understand what got this song to one bilion views. Not the worst song I've ever heard (not even close), but doesn't really stand out in any way in comparison to hundreds of other pop songs that are put out on a daily basis, except that it's in Korean of course. How did people from around the world discover it, and why did they prefer it so much to countless other similar songs is beyond me. What's also beyond me is why are we getting this as news on a guitar site, but I guess that's something I'll never know.
    As much as I agree with your first paragraph, I don't understand people's issue with news such as this, just look at the category it's under: 'general music news'.
    I think it's more the dance than the song. PSY has a song called Right Now from 2 years ago that in my opinion is a better song but it hasn't caught on the same way. K-Pop has been my guilty pleasure for a year or so (probably because I can't understand it) and I would have never picked PSY as the one to make it big. Congrats to the fella though, he never intended for the song to get big outside of Korea.
    There's never going to be a video that actually deserves a billion views on youtube. So rather than be disappointed that it wasn't something else that got the first 1 billion, be lighthearted about the fact it was a silly video made only for fun.
    Year Zero
    1 hit wonder by some outsourced pop artist gets a billion hits no big suprise as this represents america now. My generation is truly a bunch of tools.
    Would've made more sense if one of the classic pop song got a billion like John Lennon's Imagine instead of a song with inevitable meme.
    There are worse videos that this could have happened too. Besides, this one made me lol quite a bit.
    It might be quite funny, but not worthy of 100000 views, and the song's not much better than most of whats on the radio
    This fact is scary. Not the thought of that a disgrace for a song like this can interest so many people, but the power of social medias on the Internet. The sheeple mentality amongst this generation has reached a new climax and proves how controllable we are. With that said, I don't think Youtube's view counter is a legitimate source, it's just another marketing tool.
    I'm dreading to see what beats Psy. Staying hopeful it will be a phenomenon like when Rage got christmas number one..
    This fact is scary. Not the thought of that a disgrace for a song like this can interest so many people, but the power of social medias on the Internet. The sheeple mentality amongst this generation has reached a new climax and proves how controllable we are. We that said, I don't think Youtube's view counter is a legitimate source, it's just another marketing tool.
    I couldn't care less. Why people hate Bieber or any other Pop-Star so much? You can't change it. Live with it, or go kill yourself Good music still exists. Instead of post things like: "oooomg, i ****in' hate that bieber so much. I hope he dies of vagina-cancer" you could write a good riff, to make shure that YOU are a part of the people who make that good music In what a fuc*ed up time i have to live? It seems that there are just idiots on this planet. Sry for my bad english Have a nice day
    I dont mind the song or the video.I actually think its bat shit crazy.Maybe the reason i dont mind it is that i dont listen to the radio or watch music channels so im not overly exposed to it.
    Really the only reason the song got as popular as it got is because it's been a bit of a meme. Not so much that people enjoy the song so much to get a billion views. That said I do actually like the track. It's pretty damn catchy and I like the production on it. Yeah it's just a simple pop song but nothing wrong with a fun track that doesn't take itself seriously. Also even though I hear about the song a lot I rarely hear the song itself, so I guess it hasn't been overplayed to me like it has for a lot of people.
    I don't personally enjoy it or get the hype at all, but the man must be doing something right..
    What still baffles me is that out of all the eastern groups, bands, he was the one to get lucky, i want to see my favorite japanese bands get this big or cone to the us because they know they will be a hit.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain
    This guy is so anti american it's not even funny. He had a song about wanting to kill Americans. No wonder Obummer loves him. They share the same views
    I'm not impressed still, look at the market it has and only 1 billion? It was already half way there between 3 videos before anyone in North America was talking about it. But you know what, if that is what people want to ****ing hear then it is obviously going to be everywhere, I don't know how often some of you guys step away from the computer, your guitar, your trolling and out of your room and went to party you'd see the appeal. This music is like disco in the 70s, ****ing synth/pop in the 80s/90s, r&b in the 90s, and techno/electronic and club beats are huge right now. Rock is the only music that has had multiple decades as the dominant popular music and it is off to the side right now, record companies just do not see the money making appeal to it because they think that people want more club music based off what is making cash. Also most of the money that goes to rock music goes into the big acts of old. I see the appeal behind many different forms of music, there is obviously mass appeal right now in pop music, and you know what if they are making stuff that mass people feel good and have fun, they're doing their job. The industry just has to remember that there is a constant and large appeal for rock music and they need to look back into diversifying that portfolio of rock/folk/metal/grunge/blues cause it is all awesome and always has been and always will be. I have no fear for the future of really creative music, but I do not take away from the things people like about music I may not always agree with, just because I don't, it isn't fair to other listeners.
    Sleaze Disease
    I just don't get it. Why do people like this shit? It's not even about tastes or opinions at this point; if you like this song, you're a moron. Period.
    The reason I liked it when I saw it is cos it was so damn ridiculous. It was very visual comedy but slapstick comedy has a place nonetheless. As for the song, the tune is catchy and the lyrics are about modesty and grace in a women as opposed to Rihanna's "stick your cock in me good yeah boy" approach. I'm not saying it's particularly good musically but it's success is similar to the success of all slapstick, in your face, ridiculous comedy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why it's popular.
    1. The video is hilarious and somehow different. 2. People liked it. They have tastes in music, you know. "It's not even about tastes or opinions at this point; if you like this song, you're a moron. Period." Yes, behold the king of intellect right here, who's got all his wisdom from sitting all day and listening to a music genre.
    Impressive considering it's only been on a couple months. Also. Love Gangnam style. Too stronk.
    I just watched it for the first time. It's a good video, a lot of effort clearly went into it even if you don't like it.
    m4ss3 m/
    I'm still happy that Linkin Park was the first rock band to hit billion hits.
    Considering how much they've strayed from their original sound, I'd imagine that generating youtube hits and winning awards is what they generally aim for nowadays
    But staying with the same sound that they had 10 years ago that everyone else wants them to do wouldn't be aiming for hits and awards? Even though they were already winning awards?
    To be honest if you were to translate the songs from Living Things to guitars they wouldn't be much different from standard Linkin Park songs. Take that as you may though, but I don't think they've changed that much.
    Yeah, because nu-metal wasn't still a highly commercial and popular style when they released Hybrid Theory.
    Well I'm glad you're up to speed, UG. I mean, it's only been four days since it happened. Still news, right?
    I want to kill myself. Fu*k this. why is there a complete lack of respect for musicians? The world treats music like a tiny background sound. I honestly don't understand how such terrible music even sells, I can't even understand how people can claim to love music so much but not take any time at all to learn about it. Music is so much more than what its given credit for, asd;lkgadklgjhsadkjnkn I DON'T WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE
    This comment just oozes "typical metalhead"
    It even states it in his name "thrashmetalhead" lol
    Ok i'll back the metalhead up- coming from someone who listens to punk/blues/outlaw country and very little metal....pop music sucks and stop buying into it.... Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" -Mark Twain
    A typical metalhead, that has studied more than 700 years of music and loves a grand majority of it??? Metal is only a small fraction of what I listen to/study, sure my passion is for playing mostly metal, but blues, folk, and classical are my true sources of influence..
    Classical songs are actually the main reason i'm hooked to metals. Just sayin. I'll leave now xD
    Imagine if Youtube views actually meant anything. Some artists pay for them these days, what a joke.
    As much as I love Asian rap I personally have never heard it and plan to keep it that way.