Public Is Over-Saturated With Dave Grohl, Journalist Explains

"Grohl is clearly the voice of our generation - if only because he never lets anyone else speak," the article reads.

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An interesting article has recently surfaced on Riverfront Times, claiming that the public is getting tired of Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl due to excessive public appearances.

The author described himself as a "mega Nirvana fan" who has always admired Dave, but also stressed that he "can't seem to get [Grohl] out of my face. His mug is everywhere."

Giving Dave plenty of kudos, the author now sees him as quite overexposed. "The man is everywhere," he said. "I barely even watch television, and he still manages to make it on any screen near me with the frequency of the rising sun. Grohl is like a freakin' jack-in-the-box - you know he's going to pop up, you just don't know when. One of my favorite games is to try to spot him during major televised events.

"I don't know d-ck about football, so I spent the majority of the last Superbowl game scanning the crowd shots for his floppy hair - like a post-grunge version of Where's Waldo. I didn't see him during my Superbowl party, but I saw a photograph of him later after the game and felt validated. He was there. Of course he was there. I knew it."

Elaborating in detail what he's thinking about, the author continued, "Award show? Grohl is there. Major festival? Grohl is playing it. High-profile collaboration? Grohl designed it. Supergroup? Grohl is up in it. Featured drummer? Grohl can do that. Receiving honors? Grohl is good at it. Star-studded tributes? Grohl jumps in. Music documentary? Grohl makes them. Rock the vote? Grohl rocks it all night. Photobombs? Grohl kills. Film festival? Grohl is there. One-off performances? Grohl makes it happen. Television cameo? Grohl picks the X-Files. Country music? Grohl loves it."

But there's more, "Foo Fighters videos? Grohl does them perfectly. Charity events? Grohl participates. Led Zeppelin? Grohl digs 'em. Internet memes? Grohl makes a fresh one. Protesting? Grohl does it in costume. iPhone party? Grohl wants in on that action. Lemmy time? Grohl steals the show. Punk legends? Grohl knows them. Video-game conventions? Grohl is the wizard. Late-night talk shows? Grohl does Letterman. Rolling Stones concerts? Grohl makes them better. Producing sitcoms? Grohl thinks it's easy. Birthday celebration? Grohl works those. Saturday Night Live? Grohl is the most frequent musical guest. Video guest star? Grohl wiggles on in. Surprise gigs? Grohl is all over it. South by Southwest? Grohl gives the keynote address."

"Forget about Kurt Cobain: Grohl is clearly the voice of our generation - if only because he never lets anyone else speak," the article further reads.

Finally, the post concludes, "So is Dave Grohl good? Yeah, he's f--king great. And if he is our new cultural king, then we should welcome him - we could do much worse. But right now he's like the ex that won't stop texting you. You feel smothered. You wanna be like, 'Dude, if you would just get up out of my business, like, ever, I would like you so much more.'

"So go away, Dave Grohl. But don't stay gone forever, just enough to make us miss you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and we'll be ready to love you again later, but for right now you just need to get up out of my face for a while, OK?"

Do you agree with this stance? Is the public getting too much of Dave Grohl?

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    Jacques Nel
    UG used to be Ultimate-Guitar, but we are left with Ultimate-Grohl instead.
    Yo dawg, I heard you were sick of too many articles about Dave Grohl... So we made an article about how there are too many articles about Dave Grohl, so you can be sick of Dave Grohl while read about being sick of Dave Grohl
    To be fair, though, this isn't really Grohl's fault, he does one interview and UG puts up like 4 articles over 4 different days, each based on like a single sentence that Grohl said during the interview. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if they could just post the entire interview.
    Gorhl.... The Cult of Gorhl!
    Who is Gorhl?
    Basically some people accidently probably typed his last name really quick and got Gorhl which sounds like the name of a monster that one would worship hence "The Gorhl hath spoken"
    Jacques Nel
    I just took a quick scroll down UG's news section, most number of stories all involve either: Dave Grohl Courtney Love whining about Dave Grohl or another Dave we seem to hear a lot about
    I get the feelng that they switched from Dave Mustaine to Dave Grohl... As long as it's a Dave . I used to get Facebook notifications about Mustaine on UG all the time...
    We need more articles on David Draiman, Dave Lombardo, Dave Murray, Dave Matthews, and Dave Navarro
    I bet masturbation or sex is tough if his fantasizing is Dave Grohl.
    Well, that escalated quickly...
    I first read that as 'that ejaculated quickly'.
    Best first 3 comments ever
    And as with many great trilogies, the fourth always tends to be the disappointment.
    JD Close
    especially since a trilogy means three. The fourth in a series of three can always be expected to suck.
    Yes thank you for explaining the joke for those who may not have understood it.
    He's an artist on a creative don't have to read or listen..he is the Robert Downing of the music business...UG is becoming the Enquirer...sad...
    Obviously the writer spends most of his waking hours on UG as I know of no other place that you can constantly find Grohl.....
    Most of Grohl's recent involvements have little to do with 'art' or 'creativity', and more to do with marketing and promotion. This argument is a bit lacking in foundation.
    He's a hard worker. Its not his fault journalists and camera's document every move he makes! if dave did all the stuff mentioned above without any camera's, he'd still do it! So Whose fault is it?? its certainly not Dave's
    I would strongly agree with this. There are people worldwide who put in as much hard work ethic as he does - not just in the media industry, and they don't get their face plastered all over everything because nobody knows who they are originally. They wouldn't make people stop to look, therefore they wouldn't make money. It's great that he's doing what he does, the world needs this kind of positive influence but what the journalist is really complaining about is the cash cow made out of Grohl. Not Grohl himself.
    YES to this and the post above it. It's not like he's going around trying to get attention and win popularity contests...that's what most of the regular pop stars do, and it's obvious when they do it. Dave is so passionate about music and talented (through his own hard work) that gets popularized without trying to do so.
    I'm not sick of him - at least hes a GC and makes good music. We see those pop stars on headlines every day, egging houses or wrecking balls. I think we'd be worse of if he went away. He's the Grohl.