Puddle Of Mudd: My Songs Making Me Cry

Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin, known most recently for his drunken non-performance in Toledo, says he's writing songs that are making even him cry these days.

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Puddle Of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin, known most recently for his drunken non-performance in Toledo (read "Puddle Of Mudd Singer Arrested"), says he's writing songs that are making even him cry these days.

In spite of all the attendant glory that comes with being a rock star, Scantlin says there's a down side. I've been going through a little struggling time in my life right now, he says. When I get off the road I'm just sitting in a house trying to figure out how to be normal again, and then when I get back on the road I'm trying to figure out how it is to live on the road again.

He recently wrote a song during a soundcheck called Galvanic, which he says has amazing emotion. I cried when I heard it on the playback, he says.

Puddle Of Mudd is currently finishing up the video for Heel Over Head, which will be released at the end of the month.

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    isn't it ironic how one poser found this poser band, i have the new POM cd and well, frankly, the lyrics suck ass and the only good song they've ever had is blurry.
    boo hoo.... damn I'm so successful.... feel sorry for me by buying all my records and giving me more money. WAHHHHH!
    hes an idiot. talks too much and complains too much. he even talked crap to fred drust the man that practically gave that band life
    What a bunch of B.S. Wes is such a wannabe. He just wants to be compared to Kurt Cobain. Give me a break. His own music makes him cry my ass. Idiot!
    ummm. I'm just gonna pretend i never heard that and get on with my life
    you guys ever wonder if he really likes the music he plays? if he admires nirvana and wants to utilize that style into his music? and yeah it does try to sound like nirvana, but maybe that's what he prefers doing. don't hate him for it. i dont know who he is or what type of person he is, but just don't hate him because he wants to weave nirvana's influence into the music.
    omg what i agree what a pussy... crying at his own stuff hearing his OWN voice!!! the band is alright but they are such a copy!
    the new album sucks!! wes is a ***ing lame ass!!! PUDDLE OF MUDD BLOWS!!!!!
    they should go back to writing really funny ironic stuff like she ***ing hates me instead of annoying repetitive stuff like away from me. oh yeah and wes is like pussy version of cobain, which is REALLY saying something
    The idea that "popularity = quality" is rediculously stupid. Examples: Britney Spears, Pop punk, nu-metal. I've listened to Puddle of Mudd several times and I can't figure out why anyone thinks they are good. The songs suck, the singing sucks, the instrumentation sucks, it all sucks. Unless a new great rock act comes around soon to kill off bands like this, Puddle of Mudd and the other shit on the radio like Good Charolette will be the death of rock.
    ... i swear when i first read the headline.. i thought he was crying becoz he thought his own songs were soo bad.... lol.. well i guess that was wishfull thinking on my part... not that i'm saying that they're bad.. or that they're good for that matter.. just a funni thought
    its kinda sad how everybody is comparing this guy to kurt cobain. if you wanna bitch about ppl copying other ppl just look at all the eddie vedder ripoffs. even if he was acting like kurt cobain he probably doesnt mean it because think about it... who the *** wants to be kurt cobain? a suicidal drug addict? think about it
    and yeah, who the hell wants to be like kurt cobain anyway? he was a weird neurotic freak with no friends. to put it bluntly i guess. meh
    Troy Simple
    Kurt Cobain had lots of friends, he just pushed them away at the end of his life.
    ad_lib_oz you say one more thing abour kurt and youll be dead before you can say holy shiite they never copyed nirvanas image they just sound like them thats all
    holy *** theres a lot of shit talkers here, *** all u haters, puddle of mud kicks ass and the grunge movement'll live on forever!!!!
    wat is wrong wid u ppl...POM is an amazing band wid very impactful lyrics.u wudnt undrstand unless uv been ther n ur life sucked cos i do a bit of song writing myself n i write abt my life.u cant always expect the same kinda music.n so wat if hes bitin cobains style?cobain was a very influencial artist.u shudnt hear music...u shud LISTEN to it.stil think POM sucks??go f*** urselves
    look, everyone has their own emotions and personally, i like Wes Scantlin, i think he's awesome, and so is Paul Phillips (Guitarist, Puddle of Mudd) i read an article a little while back, and maybe, some people should think about what they are saying cause every singer songwriter writes their lives into their songs, and the very well titled "Life of Display" albums gonna be kool, i aint to great a guitarist or songwriter, but the dudes got heart and he's putting his aggresions into his music, and probably, because people like this music, yeah u might be jelouse that people aren't following you, well, your time will come if your good enough and the tides turn on this weird Pop punk regeim thats goin on
    Burn in hell: Scantlin's a fu*king poser. He does this shit for publicity in the hope that he'll attract some die-hard fans for his wannabe grunge music. [POSTED: 17 March 2004 - 08:52]|
    i hate the dude too, but honestly...who isn't a poser nowadays in all that kinda music, all the blink182's, puddle of mudds, its all about publicity now, people that dont play music dont give a damn about the music the way we do.
    I actually like wes, he just don't give a *** and that is a great attitude to have.
    ha, what a pussy, wes is the perfect example of how music shouldnt be, like jedidude said, copying kurt cobain again, he's copied kurt and nirvanas image since day one, music should be about making something new and different to make it. not reflecting in someone elses glory, pom sucks and wes is a faggot
    pluckin crazy
    although i think puddle of mud are a good new band out of very few decent new bands, i wouldnt cry over the songs our band writes, it just gives me a bone on
    Somebody should tell this wanna-be that the grunge movement is over. And what kind of a loser would copy nirvana? The only thing worse than being nirvana is wanting to be nirvana. When will people realize that they were (and still are) just a bunch of talentless hacks that couldn't play their instruments?
    pluckin crazy
    pk whats with the cant play their instruments thing...it seems that if people dont like a certain band they say they cant play their instruments...ok good charlotte cant play, linkin park cant play,blink 182 cant play,sum41 cant play,radiohead cant play most indie bands cant, it seems like people are jealous that they arent ***in famous
    *** you 4stringshredder nirvana kicked ass and grunge isnt over it will be around as long as theres bands playing great music
    it takes 4 people to play blurry,guitar(harm),bass, and vocals and a drumer ,1 person can play the whole song on guitar(harmonics and all) and sing with a drumer and play that ,pom sucks face it ,and ya hes rippin off curt so thats b.s.
    Him crying over the music he wrote is like some singer crying over how beautiful their own voice is. Goddamn egotistical dumbass. I guarantee you whatever he wrote wouldn't make anyone else cry, just his own ignorant ass.
    *** you 4stringshredder nirvana kicked ass and nobody is trying to copy nirvana its a type of music they love playing so back the *** off
    I cry when I hear puddle of mudd songs because they suck so hard and they are one of the top rock acts around.
    emotions are part of music and to say that when your famous to lots of ppl takes a strong person
    jesus christ guys, who gives a shit if he's acting like cobain..it's not for you to say if he is or not. he makes amazing music. just ***in take a chill and ease up on him..every rockstar has their bad moment. wes gets wasted..kurt kills himself...back off