Puddle Of Mudd Singer Owes Over $60,000 In Back Taxes

artist: Puddle of Mudd date: 12/13/2011 category: music news
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Puddle Of Mudd Singer Owes Over $60,000 In Back Taxes
Now here's a reason to invest in a new accountant and quick. Puddle Of Mudd lead singer and guitarist Wes Scantlin owes a combined federal and California state tax debt of over $60,000. TMZ unearthed court documents filed in the Los Angeles County Recorder's office that indicate that Scantlin owes around $45,000 to federal government and north of $17,000 to the state of California. The I.R.S. is not an institution you want to be delinquent in paying your debts to, that's for sure. The bill dates back to 2009. Puddle Of Mudd's latest album, "Re:(disc)overed", dropped in August of this year. It features the post-grungers taking on classic songs by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Bad Company. Thanks for the report to Noisecreep.com.
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