Puddle of Mudd Singer Wes Scantlin Has Weird Onstage Meltdown, Throws Half of Stage at Crowd

Reasons behind mic-throwing tantrum unknown, video available inside.

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Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin went berserk during a recent Dallas show, flipping off the crowd and throwing his mic and water into the audience.

So Wes didn't exactly throw "half of stage," but the fury coming out of him sure made it seem that way. According to a TMZ report, the cause of Scantlin's rage remains unknown.

As the video below clearly shows, Wes might've had some technical problems with the microphone, after which he threw the mic into the crowd, started flipping everyone off and got into a verbal fight with certain members of the audience. After the crowd started throwing drinks at him, the vocalist fired back with water from the stage.

Near the end of the video, Wes can be seen taking his shirt off and calling audience for a fight, shouting something along the lines of "Come at me bro!" Check out the clip below for details.

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    Look at the other PoM articles: -"Puddle of Mudd Frontman Arrested for Vandalism" -"Puddle of Mudd's Frontman Arrested for Domestic Violence" -"Puddle Of Mudd Singer's Airborne Fight Prompts Emergency Landing" -"Puddle Of Mudd's Frontman Pleads Guilty To Cocaine Possesion" Sounds like a nice guy!
    Maybe the crowd "****ing hates him".
    Yeah man, he's psycho
    "has weird onstage meltdown: really a stellar piece of ****ing journalism there jesus ****ing christ UG have you actually go to the stage where you just don't bother anymore
    In fairness, that is a pretty awful headline. It really does look like UG had very few ****s to give
    Agreed, 90% of articles is kurt cobain related, 5% satire, and 5% sort of relevant but with weird headlines to draw attention..
    Headline: "... Throws Half of Stage at Crowd" Text: "So Wes didn't exactly throw 'half of stage'..."
    I love it how bands allways keep playing the song during these things until the frontman walks off the stage
    I didn't really know this band was still doing anything. I thought the singer was still in jail and they were all on hiatus or something. Hmmm...Maybe that's just what I subconsciously wanted to happen.
    Wes: "I did not hit her. I did NAHT"
    I used to know a girl; she had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it...threw half of stage at her and she ended up at a hospital on Guerrero Street.
    Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new biggest douchebag in rock, a title once held by Axl Rose.
    Where are they touring? . . . State fairs? Convalescent Homes? Who is still paying them to play?
    They were at Trees, it looks like he is trying to throw the mic at the soundbooth initially, then flips the sound guy off.. then flips the fans off. what a douche
    "We got a mic and a bottle of water, guys. We have half a stage, we shoul enter the business."