Puddle Of Mudd Singer's Airborne Fight Prompts Emergency Landing

Wes Scantlin could go to jail after a drunken encounter on a flight because the crew allegedly refused to serve him another drink.

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Puddle Of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin has been arrested after an drunken argument with a flight attendant while airborne.

TMZ report that there was a heated exchange with a flight attendant over alcohol. While they can't confirm the precise reason for the argument, a source claims it was because they wouldn't sell him another drink.

The L.A.-bound flight was redirected to Bergstrom Airport in Austin so police could place him under arrest. He was charged with public intoxication, but could face federal charges of interfering with a flight crew - a very serious charge indeed.

It gets worse for the singer. In July Scantlin was in court and pled guilty to cocaine possession, but the judge kindly said they would clear his record in 18 months if he stuck to the law and took part in a drugs counselling program.

Now he risks being thrown in jail for not only the cocaine charge, but the public intoxication and interfering with a flight crew too.

Oh dear - he probably wishes his problems were as simple as they were in December 2011, when his only worries were a $60,000 tax bill and divorce from model Jessica Nicole.

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    Kudos to the lead singer of Puddle of Mudd for getting arrested every month to keep his band's name in the news, because his music certainly isn't doing the trick.
    What a jerk off. Everyone else on that flight had their travel plans f***ed up cause this dick wad couldn't wait a little bit longer till he got off the plane for his next drink. I say put him on the no fly list
    I read the title as: Puddle Of Mud Singer's Airborne FLIGHT Promps Emergency Landing I guess i'm stupid.
    He's gonna have a really hard time getting drinks for a while now. Let's see if he starts fights with guards for not serving him drinks.
    To quote Stephen Hill (comedian/UK Metal Hammer podcast host) "FUCK OFF WES SCANTLIN, YOU CUNT!!!" quite.
    "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent"...this guy had a pretty popular band going (whether ppl like them or not) and he is just wasting his life away with drugs and booze...typical pathetic excuse of losers in this country
    What. A. Douche. It's not bad enough we had to hear that song "Psycho" years back. Goddamn.
    I feel really sad. The band is certainly good, and have been for a very long time - something unheard of in todays music. Its so sad to see people let drugs and alcohol ruin them. Im all for a drink and 4:20 if thats your thing, but everything in moderation. If you cant handle it - stop.