Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin Visited by Bomb Squad After Placing Fake Bomb Under His Car

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This week in Wes Scantlin, Wes Scantlin has been visited by the bomb squad after placing a fake bomb under his car.

As Loudwire (via TMZ) reports, Scantlin's neighbors reported the Puddle of Mudd singer after seeing him placing a radio under one of his cars, with wires leading to the motor, while a second car also had wired attached that led from the door to the gas tank.

The reason Scantlin made it look as if his automobiles were rigged to explode? Thieves had reportedly broken into his car multiple times in the past, and he thought the fake bomb would act as a deterrent.

However, the bomb squad weren't too impressed with his home security measures. Four buildings in the surrounding West Hollywood area were evacuated in order to check out his cars.

While he wasn't charged with a crime, the report states that he was scolded by police for the theft deterrent attempt.

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    UG how did you forget... Back in May, Wes was arrested for skipping a court date for one of his previous arrests. In April, Wes had a stand-off with 30 heavily armed police officers and was ultimately arrested. In March 2016, Wes was left drunk and alone onstage after his whole band walked out on him for his behavior. In February 2016, Wes had an onstage meltdown by attacking a soundman during the band's show, saying that "he hates us." Also in February, Wes had an onstage meltdown. In January 2016, Wes was arrested for trashing the Hollywood Hills house he lost in foreclosure last year. In December 2015, Wes was arrested after he was pulled over by cops for expired car registration, after which the cops found a "controlled substance" in the vehicle. In July 2015, Wes was arrested for drunk driving. In April 2015, Wes was arrested for disorderly conduct at an airport for the second time. About 10 days before that, Wes had an onstage meltdown. In January 2015, Wes was arrested at an airport for taking a "joyride" at a baggage carousel. In April 2014, Wes had an onstage meltdown. In July 2014, Wes was arrested for vandalizing his neighbor's yard with a buzz-saw and a sledge hammer. In May 2013, Wes was arrested for beating up his wife. In September 2012, Wes was arrested for causing a plane to perform an emergency landing after a drunken fight with a flight attendant. In May 2012, Wes was arrested for cocaine possession.
    Next Wednesday question: Top 10 Wes Scantlin escapades.. But seriously, hope he can get the help he clearly needs
    Does he really need help though? Half the things he does just seem idiotic and juvenile. Maybe a few nights in jail is what he really needs
    Contrary to other comments I think this article is laughable. I'd find myself reacting the same way if I just couldn't stay out of the hairlines of the law I think. Its not all black and white. but for all the serious shit you have found yourself in Wes get better! we're not all assholes you can turn your world around!
    Silly man! He should have just equipped his car with an automated gun turret. That would have been his constitutional right!
    Why is it in "music news" category? There should be separate category for this guy
    He says he can't remember doing it, it's all kind of blurry.
    janicestewart2 · Aug 24, 2016 06:51 AM
    pretty clever idea if you ask me. this one isn't some kind of out of control drug mishap.